Tips to find a psychiatrist Ludhiana

When is the appropriate time to get help from a psychiatrist for mental health?

June 16, 2020


Given below are some of the important points which tell you to need to consult a psychiatrist in Ludhiana:

Tension and Anxiety

In life, there can be many stressful events that occur due to various situations. This can make them feel anxious, stressed, or nervous. Tension and isolation can result in depression and many other problems.


Feeling overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness or helplessness are signs of depression. Many people believe they can snap out of depression which occurs rarely. Depression is a frequent disorder that can result in fatigue and this can make it difficult to control the emotions. Psychologists are the right person to help you deal with depression and this is the first step towards better health.


Being afraid of heights, water and phobias are common but there are unusual and unfounded anxieties that can affect the normal working routine of the person. Like the fear of ingestion can lead to serious health issues. When you consult the psychologist he can help you start to overcome the fears in a great manner.

Family and Relationship Problems

Relationships whether private, household or work-related have their ups and downs. No doubt, relationships can be one of the best things in life but they can be a source of tensions and issues. Working with the psychologist will help you build a strong relationship with your partner.

Improved performance

At times, few folks achieve the target by achieving them. Athletes prepare them mentally for the competition so that their bodies can help them do better. Other people use the technique to prepare themselves for different life events.

What are the depression symptoms?

Everybody can feel sad from time to time. Clinical depression or depressive disorder can result in feelings of sadness, loss of interest, or loneliness. If you have this feeling for more than 2 weeks, then the doctor can diagnose this as a significant depressive disorder.

Frequent symptoms of depression

Depression symptoms can vary from person to person. The person can feel stressed about interacting with others, do not feel like going to college, or for work.

  • A person can have a feeling of sadness which lasts for 2 weeks. It won’t go away and can last for even 2 decades. Due to this, people feel consistently low.
  • People have a continuous feeling of guilt, helplessness, or worthlessness. They often blame themselves for things that are not going the way they like.
  • Depression can make the person feel angry or frustrated. Both men and women can have symptoms that can vary.
  • When the person is depressed they can feel a lack of energy all the has or exhausted. They won’t be able to do small tasks like going out of the bed or having a cup of tea.