Who are the doctors who specialize in giving treatment for depression

Who are the doctors who specialize in giving treatment for depression?

August 17, 2020


Consulting doctor for Depression

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, then it is important to get them managed on time. Depression problems can make it difficult to improve their lifestyle. You must book your appointment with a primary care physician. He will check the underlying health problems which can be causing symptoms. If you are facing a problem then book your consultation with our psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Getting screening for depression

Your doctor is going to do basic screening to check for depression. Some of the questions which you need to be prepared to ask by your doctor:

  • How long have you been facing the symptoms?
  • Is it unusual for you to have low moods?
  • Do you have issues with sleeping patterns or appetite problems?
  • Does your family face the issue of depression?
  • Do you not enjoy the regular activities you used to?

What should I ask my doctor?

Before the appointment, you need to make a list of the questions you need to ask. Here are a few questions which you need to ask to get started with the treatment.

  • What kinds of tests are needed?
  • Is depression the most common cause of the symptoms?
  • What treatment is best for me?
  • What are the additional primary approaches you are going to suggest?
  • What if I have other health conditions and how you can manage them?

Keep in mind, the doctor is going to ask these questions so that you get the best treatment plan which can address your issue of depression correctly. If you have any doubts, then make sure to clear it right away with the doctor.


Your doctor can suggest antidepressant medication to address the issue. After the initial assessment, the doctor may the doctor can also refer you the following specialists:


Psychiatrists have licensed physicians who address mental health issues. He is specialized in treating mental health and emotional issues. A psychiatrist’s special training and ability to give the essential medications can improve the symptoms.

In some cases, psychiatrists can prescribe you medications with psychotherapy. The combination of medications can help to treat the problem effectively.


Psychologists are professionals who are prepared at the doctoral level. The focus is given to talk therapy. Once they get the degree, they do advanced testing and therapy for psychology. They need to be given the treatment accordingly so that they can cope up with mental health issues and live a healthy life.

Consult the mental health expert on time

The mental health expert will diagnose your condition, know about the symptoms, and accordingly suggest the treatment plan.