Why Addiction and Mental Illness Co-Occur

Why Addiction and Mental Illness Co-Occur?

March 31, 2020


Mental illness and addiction are 2 conditions which can overlap each other. Surprisingly, many studies have shown that people all over the world are facing both of these disorders at one time. It is important to seek medical attention at the right time. Read the guide to understand why these conditions co-occur.


The 2 conditions occurring together are known as comorbidity like mental illness and addiction. Well, neither of them is the cause for one another, but they can occur together. One condition can increase the symptoms of another.

For better understanding, it is important to know both of them are chronic brain disease. In other terms, if someone is struggling with addiction, the brain can get affected by the abuse. This is the reason, the brain functions differently.

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Reason of Mental illness and addiction occurring together

No doubt, both of these conditions have a high rate of comorbidity but that does not mean one can cause others. There are several factors which need to be considered which includes:

  • Drug addiction or abuse can make people have symptoms of mental illness like with marijuana users can have an increased risk of psychosis.
  • Due to mental illness, drug abuse can lead to drug abuse because some people prefer to take medications on their own. It means, tobacco products can decrease the schizophrenia symptoms but this might not improve the condition of cognition.

Additionally, there is evidence that addiction and mental illness can lead to brain deficits, trauma, and genetic influences. Around 40 to 60 percent of addiction problems are linked to genetics.

Is it possible age can increase the problem?

Another common factor that links mental health issues and addiction can be age. The teenagers are still maturing, developing, and growing. During adolescence, significant changes occur in the body and they are more prone to such risk.

Additionally, people who have been traumatized are also at increased risk of getting addicted and later in life can develop mental illness.


Research suggests that both these treatments should be treated at one time to get the best possible outcome. Getting integrated treatment helps the patient to live a normal life. Also, early detection and treatment will greatly improve the quality of life and help the patient to recover with ease.


To get the right diagnosis, you should visit our hospital because your health and safety is our priority. Our doctors will make sure you get the best treatment plan to make you live a normal life again.