Which predominant reasons contribute to causing psychological imbalance

Which predominant reasons contribute to causing psychological imbalance?

February 23, 2021


Visiting a psychiatrist does not mean that the patient is suffering from a mental disorder. It rather means that the patient is facing difficulty in maintaining the balance of mind. If you are suffering from any of the below-mentioned causes, then you are supposed to consult with the expert psychiatrist in Ludhiana:

  • Hopelessness

Hope is a psychological aspect that gives the individual a reason to survive.

For example, A student who has aspired to become an IAS officer. He has planned his whole life based on the fact that he will become a pilot one day. But when he attempted to give the examination, he failed in the first attempt. He began to think that his whole life has become wasted as there is no use for him to live since he cannot become an IAS officer.

But if he visits a psychologist, he would get to see the new perspective of life. The psychiatrist would focus on making him motivated to attempt the exam again and will psychologically prepare him for the consequences whether good and bad.

  • Phobia

Many times, the psychiatrist faces cases that are suffering from intense phobias. These phobias have destroyed their lives because they are not able to perform daily life activities because of some sort of fear. With ambitious people, this problem gets even worse if it is becoming a cause of hindrance in achieving their goals.

Case study:

We encountered a case of Suman Sehgal, who somehow inculcated the phobia that the police might catch her anytime and put herself in jail for no reason. She was suffering from depression. Her husband was a police officer, who used to beat her and sexually exploit her, she somehow managed to get a divorce from him. But the seed of fear keeps growing in her, which one day becomes so overgrown that she starts experiencing this fear even when she is sitting in the garden of her house. She approached us. We intended to treat her with the best therapies and medications. Within 4 months, she was healed completely. But we kept on calling her for boosting sessions to make her mental sphere immensely strong.

  • Use of drugs to get relieved from pain

Sometimes, the patients become so addicted to the use of alcohol and drugs that they start believing that they cannot get rid of the pain, fear and sorrow without it. The constant use of toxic products with a psychological thought in mind will get them in immense danger of psychological disorders. At Manas hospital, we always aim at making our psychologically distressed patients understand that happiness cannot be achieved with these intoxicating products, it needs efforts on the part of the individual to get rid of the sorrows and worries and to become immensely happy and glad.