What are the top reasons that you need to consult an experienced sexologist

Sexologist’s Guide to Good Sex in 2021

February 25, 2021


People feel more happy and satisfied after they have undergone sexual activity. Have you ever wondered why?

According to a sexologist in Ludhiana, there are variegated reasons for this which are mentioned below:

  • Healthy heart

If a man does not undergo a sexual activity a required number of times, then there are considerably high chances of him encountering the problem of escalade homocysteine levels. It is a vitally harmful chemical that is accountable for triggering variegated cardiac ailments.

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According to research, if a male engages in sexual intercourse at least twice a week, his arteries will never experience clogging.

So it is always suggested that one should refrain from sexual activity because it induces the ameliorated and healthier circulation of blood in the vessels.

  • Stress buster

If you are married, then you have ever noticed that after a dreadful fight, whenever the partners approach each other for reconciliation, it often ends up in sex which is why both the partners wake up with a lot of love in their heart for each other. It is because after they have undergone a sexual act, their stress levels were busted which results in the ultimate calmness of the mind. For this reason, intercourse is considered more effective as compared to the masturbating act.

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Sex triggers the escalation of endorphins & oxytocin hormone which aids in preventing the body to hold stress.

  • Intellectuality

It is proven with the researches that having sex will cause a proportionately positive effect on the intellect of the individual.

  • Production of immunoglobulin

According to the variegated pieces of research if the individuals are having sex the required number of times in a week, then their body becomes strong from the immunity aspect. The production of the immunoglobulin is triggered which helps to do away with many ailments whose aggravation would result in oppressing consequences.

  • Future Complications

If a male does not undergo sexual activity for a very long period, then he will face adverse consequences when he has to erect the penis to perform sexual activity. So the penis should not be kept intact from sex for long.

  • Fewer chances of prostate cancer

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If a man discharges semen 21 times or more than that in a particular year, then he is lowering 33% of chances to get distressed with prostate cancer.

While the couples are performing sexual activity, they will experience an orgasm that is believed to have essential metabolism cells which are inclined to allay the risk of the encounter of cancer-causing cells.

  • Better stimulation

If the individuals will undergo sexual activity more than twenty-five times a year, then they will never face the problem of stimulation. It is encountered in many patients who refrain themselves from sexual activity for long, that they face the problem of getting stimulated and reaching orgasm.