What are the basics of epilepsy? Is it accompanied by psychiatric disorders?

What are the basics of epilepsy? Is it accompanied by psychiatric disorders?

February 26, 2021


A reader would be surprised to read that there was a time when epilepsy was included in the list of disorders about psychiatric conditions. That being the predominant reason became a source of distress for the people who were not particularly exasperated with the neurological disorders, but they were suffering from some kind of mental imbalance and they could not seek help from the professional psychiatrist owing to the fear that society will deem him as the one who is suffering from brain disorder as he was consulting a psychiatrist in Ludhiana. But both the neurological and psychiatric fields are wholly different. In the ensuing information, the reader will get to read why epilepsy is a neurological disorder.

Fundamentals of epilepsy

  • How does it take place?

Whenever a group of neurons are provoked and they start responding in an unacceptable & uncomfortable way, then that situation may cause the individual to bring about noticeable changes in his behaviour.

For example, The individual may behave in a way which he is not supposed to be. A person who has visited someone’s mourning suddenly start to laugh because of the stress caused by the seizures of these neurons.

  • Causes

A variety of causes can contribute to this exasperation which is as listed below:

  • Any sort of infection that is spreading in all the divisions of the brain at a faster pace.
  • Tumours are believed to be the preponderant reason for this oppression.
  • In many other cases, the individuals who are intaking the non prescribed medicines for a plenteous period, then that is also a cause that leads to abnormal functioning of the brain.
  • As today’s youth is catching the fancy of drugs, sometimes they are so addicted to it that they find it difficult to get rid of the same and they end up taking an overdose causing them to be oppressed with the malfunctioning of the brain.
  • What is a simple focal seizure?

A simple focal seizure can be associated with a sudden change in the behaviour or bodily functions which is supposed to last for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. In this situation, the patient may experience any or all of the following:

  • Olfactory hallucinations
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Visual hallucinations

So in case you are experiencing the automatic movements which are being carried out by your body in perpetual motions, then do not neglect this and immediately deliberate with the expert faculty of the neurological department. The doctors of this department have years of experience and skills in treating epilepsy and like a disease.

Psychiatric disorders combined with epilepsy

When psychiatric disorders come up along with the neurological ailment of epilepsy, then it becomes an apprehensive disease that needs to be treated with the ultimate care of both the neurological and psychiatric department of Manas hospital.

Our motive of treatment

We are concerned about the mental health & stability of the people because this ailment will not only be a source of distress for the patient itself, but it will also have a plenteous effect on the other members of the family. So we always intend to provide the best treatment followed by the advanced measure in after care.