What are the crucial differences between a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

What are the crucial differences between a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

March 2, 2021


As we know, there are two kinds of doctors who are supposed to deal with the problem of the mind. But the patients often get confused about which mind doctor they should go to for treatment for a specific disease. If you are among those who are so baffled to decide whether they should deliberate with the psychologist or psychiatrist in Ludhiana, then the ensuing information will prove a piece of quality information for you. The difference between the psychologist and the psychiatrist is emphasised based on the following mentioned factors:

  • Job description

The treatment procedure of the psychologist is quintessentially based on the tests like lab tests, surveys and variegated interviews. Psychologists usually deal with the patients who are vitally oppressed with sundry disorders about mind

  • Treatment approach

Psychologists usually treat the patients with psychotherapy which aims at rehabilitation of the patient suffering from any sort of mental trauma, grief and instability. It is relevant to mention the connotation of psychotherapy here, this procedural therapy aims at reestablishing the confidence in the mentally depressed patient by venturing for self-discovery.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who aims at healing the patient by considering the biological and neurological aspects of mental disorders. Even the psychiatrist is a doctor which tends to rehabilitate the mental state by prescribing some medications.

  • Difference between Treatments

Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors, they can prescribe medications, and they spend much of their time with patients on medication management as a course of treatment.WhereasPsychologistsfocus extensively on psychotherapy and treating emotional and mental suffering in patients with behavioural intervention.

  • Interdependent roles

The job roles of the psychologist and the psychiatrist are considered to be interdependent. The interdependency is the key part in healing the patient from the root cause. The patients are first of all referred to the psychologists for the counselling sessions. The psychologist hears them, observes them and takes into account their behaviour with the family members.

Afterwards, he is inclined to refer the patient to a psychiatrist who will be accountable for prescribing different sorts of medications. These medications are supposed to trigger the hormones and neurons in a way that is vitally needed to balance the brain.

  • Difference in education

The psychiatrist is considered as the specialist of brain disorders who are qualified in medical science. Besides, they are indispensable trained by taking into account the treatment of the patients in variegated hospitals. Psychologists are the masters of the following fields:

  • Psychological theories
  • Developmental psychology
  • Human personality

But for becoming a psychiatrist, one needs to obtain a Ph. D OR Psyd D Doctor degree. It can take a time of three to five years to obtain the degree.

Who should be deliberated in my case?

First of all, if you have recognized that you or any member of your family is suffering from any sort of mental disorder, then you should visit the clinic which is venturing to impart mental health among the patients. They are qualified enough to decide whether you should be referred to the psychology department or psychiatric department. In most cases, both of these departments work together.