The Evolution Of Drug Addiction Recovery With Modern Treatment

June 3, 2022


Humans have used the addictive psychoactive substance for a very long period of time, almost in ancient times. In fact, the priest also used them in religious ceremonies to attain the states of disassociating trance. The healers also used them for medical purposes, and their choice of drug was opium.

Apart from that, there was also the gentle population who took a significant part in the addictive substances, including nicotine, alcohol, and also caffeine. Although people socially accepted all of those items.

That brought the problem of addiction when our forefathers found different methods to refine the more potent elements and also invested in quicker routes of administration. For example, the Psychiatrist in Ludhiana says that people used opium to get relief from pain and anesthesia. But it became a different tale because the derivatives morphine and heroin, which tend to be more potent, become the real cause of addiction.

Modern Method Of Drug Addiction Treatment

Thankfully, in the deaddiction centre in Punjab, the medical and the scientific community does not look at addiction as a rise of moral failing but sees it in a frame of diseases that the doctor can treat. According to the disease theory of addiction, regular substance abuse modifies or alters the brain chemistry in mind. This then leads to compulsive or behavioral drug abuse. Pharmacological and neuropathic treatment can treat such conditions with the proper remedies. Given below is the list of most common drug addiction treatments that people use in this modern age and time. Depending on the extremity of this condition or addiction, you can either use it by itself or can combine them with some other treatments.

  • Detoxification

The expert completes this process under the guidance of strict medical supervision. Substance withdrawal can cause some life-threatening or unpleasant physical symptoms in people. That is the reason why detoxification is beneficial, as it allows people to remove the addictive substance from their bodies without any complication. The doctor usually uses detoxification with a combination of other remedies as it does not cure the underlying behavioral symptoms of the addiction.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

It is also known as CBT. This modern drug addiction treatment method not only helps you differentiate your unhealthy behavioral pattern but also helps you find your triggers while simultaneously growing a coping skill that suits you the best. The doctor can use CBT for all forms of addiction because of the nature of the individual treatment. From alcohol, drug, or food addiction, you can treat it all with this therapy.

  • Rational emotive behavior therapy

The experts use Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) to help you identify the negative thoughts in your mind that are stuck beyond measure. It tries to empower you with specific methods that assist you in fighting the feeling of self-defeat. To help you understand the power and the strength of rational thinking, people generally use REBT. It helps in rationalizing the thoughts within you. To top it off, it is not connected with the stressors or the external situations.