Everything you need to know about anxiety disorder diagnosis and treatment

Everything you need to know about anxiety disorder diagnosis and treatment

May 17, 2021


Diagnosis for Anxiety Disorder

Initially, you might consult your primary health caregiver to check out the reason for anxiety regarding your physical health. He might check the underlying reason for your condition. But, you need to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana to check the reason that you have severe anxiety or not. With the assistance of a psychiatrist, it will be easier to diagnose and treat mental health issues. The psychiatrist will diagnose your anxiety disorder through the following ways:

  • Do Psychological evaluation

During the psychological evaluation, he will discuss the way you feel, your behavior, and feelings to understand the reason for diagnosis and look for the complications. Anxiety comes along with mental health issues like excessive intake of a substance or depression. Both of these will make it difficult to diagnose your mental health.

  • Check the symptoms

The mental health expert will check the symptoms you are having. These are done to understand the extent of your condition and accordingly suggest the treatment.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder


During psychotherapy, you need to consult the therapist to work your way to reduce the symptoms. It is also referred to as psychological counseling or talk therapy. It is an ideal choice for patients dealing with anxiety.

One of the effective methods of psychotherapy is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Your mental health expert will work with you to improve the extent of the symptoms and this helps you to get back to your normal working regime. The therapist will check what is the reason for your condition so that it can be addressed and your condition will be improved.


Several medications help to reduce the severity of symptoms. Your mental health expert will suggest you the medications like:

  • An anti-anxiety medication named buspirone is prescribed.
  • Antidepressants are prescribed to treat your anxiety disorder
  • In some situations, the doctor can suggest medications like sedatives known as beta-blockers. With these, the person can get relief for some time. Moreover, these are not suggested on a long-term basis.

What about the lifestyle and home remedies?

  • Stay physically fit and active

Make sure that you follow a routine to stay active every day. Exercise daily as it helps to reduce the stress level. Although you need to start slowly and then increase the workout regime pace.

  • Do not drink alcohol

Make sure that you do not drink alcohol or take any type of recreational drug. If you are unable to quit then take help from a mental health expert.

  • Take enough sleep

Make sure that you get enough sleep every day. In case you have trouble sleeping then you should consult a health expert.

  • Practise relaxation and stress management therapy

You need to practice stress management exercises and relaxation therapy to help you ease your anxiety.

In addition, you need to eat healthy like eating healthy food which helps you get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals on an everyday basis. You should get from the mental health care provider and live a quality life which you always wanted.