How do the psychiatrists of Manas hospital help to get rid of the addiction?

How do the psychiatrists of Manas hospital help to get rid of the addiction?

May 13, 2021


The de-addiction treatment is very important for people who are suffering from any kind of addiction like that of drugs and alcohol. According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “ The addiction treatment is not something which can be carried out with the medications only.” Rather this treatment has variegated aspects since it is carried out through the following factors:

  • Aim to change the thinking

The predominant aim of the psychiatrist is to change the thinking of the alcohol or drugs for the patients. Efforts are undertaken to make them see the addiction to alcohol and drugs with a new perspective.

  • Emotional development

The people who fall into the menace of addictions are usually mentally weak. Because every individual drinks or takes drugs for the first time when he OR SHE has gotten oppressed with an emotional breakdown.

  • Support of the family

The addiction treatment does not only involve the individual who is bothered by the addiction. Rather all the family members or people associated with him are called for even one counselling session with her psychiatrist. It will help the attempt to become mentally strong and show some faith in the willpower to get rid of the diction.

  • Relapse prevention

Relapse prevention can be defined as the situation in which after overcoming the addiction for once, the patient is again feeling the urge to take the drugs or alcohol again. To easily get rid of those cases or situations, the patient is prepared beforehand.

  • Making the patient understand the value of honesty and willpower
  • By honesty, we mean that the patient should know that he should not be hiding from his family and the psychiatrist. If he does so, then he is digging a pit for the aggravation of the addiction.
  • The patient should be made to understand the value of willpower. Willpower is very important if the patient genuinely feels that this addiction is costing him and he wants to get out of it.
  • No Relationship will let to get affected

The patient feels the urge to drink or take drugs again if he has a fear of something and he doesn’t want his close ones to get away from them.

  • Inculcation of good habits

During the rehabilitation period, the patient is made to get inculcated with the new and the best habits that could help the patient to derive pleasure from them and keep his mind busy.

  • An effort to make him skilled

Addiction already deteriorates many things. Whether it is the job or the relationship, everything gets destroyed. With counselling, the psychiatrist aims at saving the relationship but the patient is also made to spend some time developing skills for doing something productive.

Final words

Addiction to anything is bad. It is not necessarily always associated with drugs and alcohol. We have recently heard a lot of pubg addiction cases. The main challenge which we find in making the patients get rid of addiction is the lack of willpower.