The correct formulas to treat DEPRESSION at the early stage

October 22, 2021


The psychiatrists in Ludhiana has summed up depression in the following words:

Depression is the most difficult thing which anyone can ever encounter. Depression is something that affects the way people think and forms a perspective about things. Apart from mental health, depression does affect the way people act, think and feel.


Do you know?

So many people do not feel like visiting a counselling centre in Ludhiana because they think –

That the doctors would suggest only the medications as one and the only cure for their problem. But you are not right in thinking so. The depression specialist does not suggest the medications until the natural ways have disappointed them.

Risk Factors – Try To Eliminate The Risk

  • Family History of Depression
  • Experienced and kind of the life-changing event or trauma
  • Suffering from any kind of life-threatening illness like cancer
  • Making use of certain medications or the other substances

Tips To Defeat The Depression

  • No stress

The formula for ‘No Stress’ is ‘Change of Perspective’. If you keep on dreaming disturbed that the glass is half less, then how can you enjoy the benefit that the glass is half full.

For example, You have got in some family emergence at the time when you have promised to hang out with your friends. Now you have two choices:

  1. Remaining Stressed that you have not kept up with the commitment
  2. Feeling Proud that you have helped your family in an adverse situation

Stress is a game of perspectives and choices.

Always remember

That if you are stressed then you must have opted up for the wrong choice. On the other hand, the right choices never make you feel disappointed or even stressed.

Whenever you are stuck in a situation where you do not know which choice to opt up for, then think about the consequences. The one which will lead to good things happening in the future will be a parameter for you to make the right choice.

  • Exercise Regularly

When we are always busy on our mobiles phones, then there is an increase of 30% of the chances for you to suffer from depression. If you cannot do the hard exercises then begin with the light exercise.

Please Note!

When you are starting exercising or gyming, then do not start with aggressive and heavy exercises. Make sure you are choosing the light exercises which also should not be commenced until the stretching or warm-up sessions have been done.

  • Diet! Diet! Diet!

What we eat has a direct impact on how we feel and how we think. If we keep on filling our body with junk, then our mind gets fogged and gets unable to make the right choices.

Final Comments!

Depression is no doubt a challenging phase, but at the same time, the family can’t deal with it alone. For the effective and early treatment of the same, the support of the family is required.