How are migraine and mental health-related to each other?

October 20, 2021


Migraine and mental health are the 2 most common concerns among individuals which drastically change the way a person enjoys their life. The migraine episodes are chronic or occur in episodes that can lead to a stressful situation. If this is what is happening to you, then you need to get in touch with the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to take better control of your health. Our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana has the best team of psychiatrists and mental health experts who make sure to provide the best treatment plan and make your mental well-being come in the right place.

How are anxiety and depression related?

Anxiety and depression are common in individuals with migraines. One of the studies has shown that a person with migraine has 5 times more risk of getting depressed as compared to a person who is not. Even anxiety is triggered by migraine episodes. This is the reason, getting the psychiatrist’s help at the right time is extremely important.

Can migraine lead to other psychiatric conditions?

Migraine patients are at increased risk of getting bipolar problems. Apart from that patients experiencing PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) are at increased risk of getting a migraine. Understand that a persistent state of migraine can make it tough for you to live your daily life. This is the reason you have to take into account what is best for your health by getting medical assistance.

What is the cause or effect?

Well! Talking about the cause-and-effect relationship is not clear. With the migraine treatment, the factor of depression or anxiety is not improved. Some of the studies have pointed out that the condition of migraine & mental health occurs in a cluster among families. Migraines and depression can be the reason for a certain genetic problem, environmental factor, or another issue. This is the reason, getting treatment at the right time is extremely important to better manage your current state.

What are the treatment options?

Depression and anxiety medications are available to manage your condition. Our mental health expert will suggest certain antidepressants which effectively address the problem of migraine. Always make sure that you take the medication under the supervision of the healthcare expert.

In some instances, the use of biofeedback therapy is increasing. Through this approach, the stress signals are measured in the body and the major reason behind the same is analyzed. It will include the practice of deep breathing, relaxation routine, and progressive muscle relaxation. So, work on your stress, anxiety, and depression through these techniques.

Lifestyle changes help your mental health

Lifestyle changes can help a person to make their migraine or headaches go away or prevent their recurrence. You must follow a healthy diet plan so that a stressful trigger situation is prevented. Do not be negligent and compromise your mental health, no matter what you do. So, make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle to take better account of your mental health.

Consult the best psychiatrist

If you are experiencing problems related to your mental health, then make sure that you seek assistance from our experienced & trained psychiatrist. Only this way you can

address the problem in the right manner.