How stress counseling from the best psychiatrists at Manas Hospital can help you?

October 18, 2021


Stress counseling to live life in a better manner

At Manas Hospital, the experienced team of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana will give you the care for your mental health you deserve. Stress is one of the common scenarios in which a person struggles to enjoy their life in the way they used to. At our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana, you can expect the best approach for stress counseling to enjoy your life in a better manner. No doubt, if the problem is left unchecked it can create trouble for you and as the problem keeps on getting worse it is a huge challenge on your part.

Stress is common but it impacts health negatively

Stress management is important and that is needed to not just benefit your mind but your overall body. Through the stress management practices, you will get the benefits of:

  • Mood Enhancement

  • Immunity is boosted

  • Gives your body the energy it needs

  • You will be able to give better productivity

How does stress impact physical and mental health?

Be it running late for the running, getting the daily chores done, getting the work done on deadline, preparing the presentation, or any sort of daily & work-related stuff can turn out to be problematic, and this way the brain will release the stress hormones. Stress for a certain time is okay but when you start getting it daily & in excess then it is problematic and it is an emergency that needs a doctor’s help.

How does stress impact reproductive health?

Due to stress, it’s not just the mind and body getting affected even the reproductive health gets down. A person starts losing that feeling of desire and due to imbalance in the hormones, there is more problem.

  • In males, sperm production is affected and there are increased chances of impotence.

  • In females, the menstrual cycle is affected which increases the chances of a heavier, irregular, or painful menstrual cycle.

Stress counseling – For a better and peaceful life

At Manas Hospital, there is the availability of different treatment options. Depending on what your condition is you will be told which treatment plan you will be given. Here are the treatment options which have proven effective in managing the stress levels:

  • Family therapy

Stress can lead to disputes among family members and through counseling it will be easier for you to control the situation & deal with the problem.

  • CBT

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is used by experts to better analyze the pattern and behavior. Depending on the same treatment is given.

  • Group therapy

During group therapy, you will be with the person facing similar symptoms and experiencing the same situation. Through the entire session, your condition is well monitored and you will also be given the counseling sessions when needed.

  • Interpersonal counseling

With interpersonal counseling, you will be asked to attend a particular therapy session. Well! Your counseling session will be based on what is your current state, type of stress, and severity of the condition.

Manage your stress levels by consulting the psychiatrists

If you are dealing with this scenario, then schedule your initial consultation with our psychiatrists to take better care of your health.