How a psychiatric treatment can help people suffering from addiction

How a psychiatric treatment can help people suffering from addiction?

November 11, 2020


What is addiction?

Addiction affects the neurochemistry of the brain. This rises in the people who are suffering from mental health issues. Mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and so on.

How does a psychiatrist treat the person?

There is a psychiatrist who is specialised in treating the addiction problem of the patient. Those psychiatrists focus on the addiction of the patient that are mentioned below:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Sex

All these above-mentioned addictions are treated with the help of psychiatric treatment. The doctor will also check the root of the problem. He will also look in the history of the patient. In fact, he will involve family members during the treatment because sometimes people hesitate in speaking. So at least someone should be there who can tell the psychiatrist about everything in detail.

Addiction psychiatrist

An addiction psychiatrist is a type of psychiatrist who is expertise in treating people who are suffering from mental disorders. They are the doctors who are eligible to treat a patient of all ages. No matter the patient is suffering from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia a psychiatrist is having all the solution for their problem. You must be thinking of how psychiatrist will treat are mentioned below:


  • He will try to find the root of the problem.
  • He will diagnose the patient and check which type of mental disorder he is suffering from.
  • He will observe the eating habits, dressing of the patient.
  • He will conduct a few tests for the patient.
  • With the help of talk therapy, he will talk with the psychiatrist and make sure that the patient should feel comfortable while speaking with him.
  • He will prescribe some medicines that will help him in treating the patient.
  • He will provide detoxification treatment to the patient.

Addiction psychiatrist is also a known substance abuse doctor, addiction doctor, addictionologist.

What are the signs indicating that you need a psychiatrist?

There are many signs which shows that when you should consult a psychiatrist that are mentioned below:

  • When there is an urge to take the substance again and again.
  • You are not being able to stop yourself.
  • You experience anxiety or irritability if the substance is not near you or finished.
  • You lie to your loved ones that you are not taking the substance anymore.
  • You are developing a negative habit day by day.
  • You lose your interest in activities like working, cooking, spending time with your loved ones, reading the novel, watching tv and much more.
  • You are spending lots of money on purchasing things like drugs, alcohol and much more.


We hope now you are clear why you should consult a psychiatrist to treat any type of addiction.