What kind of doctor can help you feel better during the depression phase

What kind of doctor can help you feel better during the depression phase?

November 19, 2020


Getting treatment for depression

If you think you have clinical depression, you might be confused about where you need to start. Those who are experiencing it for the first time might be thinking about what they should do to feel better. Make sure to consult the best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana for effective treatment. In this blog, we are going to help you understand the right path which you need to take.

Understanding the conditions

When you visit the family doctor for the first time, he will do a checkup. Research has shown that it is important to get depression screening for all adults. The doctor will be able to tell you all the possible conditions which can lead to a depression-like thyroid condition, female hormonal changes, and vitamin & mineral deficiency.

If the exact reason is not found then you need to get in touch with the mental health professional for the best treatment plan.

Why do you need to consult a mental health professional?

If you are going to see the mental health expert for the first time then you get the referral if the doctor suspects depression. Your family doctor might prescribe you an antidepressant, but he is not the right person to get depression treatment. Your family doctor is not able to offer you psychotherapy or have any understanding of the psychotropic medications.

Treating depression is an art

Psychiatry is a blend of science and art. When you are planning to get depression treatment make sure to consult the best mental health expert so that you know which treatment plan will suit you the best. The psychiatrist is going to understand all the symptoms and which medications will leave minimum side effects. In some cases, the patient is not depressed and has a different disorder.

Initially, bipolar disorder can be misdiagnosed as depression but the treatment course is different.

Consulting the Medical Doctor (MD)

  • Diagnose the medical conditions which lead to depression
  • The MD can prescribe your depression medications.
  • Not able to give you psychotherapy

Consulting the Mental Health Professional

  • Diagnose specific mental health conditions
  • Give you psychotherapy sessions
  • A psychiatrist can prescribe and fine-tune antidepressant medications

Consider Seeing a Psychiatrist Initially

Many people prefer to consult a psychologist because they think it is pretty simple. but they can only tell you about the medications. If the depression has elevated because of the chemical imbalance then talk therapy is not enough.

First of all, consult a psychiatrist who can give you psychotherapy and medications when required. In many cases, talk therapy and medications are considered helpful. Many people think that therapy is just for psychologists whereas the complexities of the patient’s medical care should be a part of the psychotherapy.

But, it is important to keep in mind that psychotherapy is a part of the psychiatrist training and they are fully trained to give the desired treatment to the patient.