How beneficial is interpersonal psychotherapy

How Beneficial is Interpersonal Psychotherapy?

May 20, 2020


Sometimes there are certain life events which can lead to stress and depression. This can affect the quality of your relationship. In that case, the interpersonal psychotherapy can prove extremely beneficial for the individuals. The therapist can help you live a better life. Read the guide to learn more.

What is interpersonal psychotherapy?

Interpersonal psychotherapy is also called interpersonal therapy. The therapy is time-bound, structured, and focused on individuals’ interpersonal issues. The main aim of the treatment is to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships and social functioning by reducing stress. The major thing involved with the therapy is ‘Relationship’ between the people which is a vital part of human life.

Having a quality relationship means a better life and you get to interact with other people when needed. Sometimes, the relationship can be complicated and we need to deal with them because they can affect a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make sure to consult our psychiatrist in Ludhiana to understand about the sessions and how it can benefit you. The IPT will include sessions which are mentioned below:


  • Opening session


In this session, the focus is given on getting the information and then making the final decision about the therapy. The psychiatrist will help to prepare a list of all the key relationships in your life. Once the list is made, then the relationships are grouped to understand the main issue.


  • Middle session


According to the problem, the therapy is given to focus on the issue. You need to work with the therapist to get the most effective solution. While the sessions are going on, the client needs to implement them to see how they work. The final step is to deal with the sense of loss that occurred when the therapy ends. The therapist will focus on whether the issue from the start has been solved or not. The focus is on progress and how well they are dealing with them.


  • Final sessions


What type of concerns are addressed in IPT?

Interpersonal disputes: 

The issue between the client and family members, co-workers, friends, and partners. Such issues can lead to stress and this where the IPT session will help to resolve them.

Role transitions

Sometimes certain life events can change lives and it can lead to a depressed and stressed phase. Changes like divorce, retirement, losing the job or moving to a new city. The IPT sessions can help to deal with them without taking stress.

Unresolved Grief

The grief of losing a loved one can affect the person and turn into a serious situation. You feel stuck and not able to do things in the right order. Undergoing the IPT session can help you handle the situation without affecting your present.