How Does Alcohol Affect Testosterone

How Does Alcohol Affect Testosterone?

April 22, 2020


Most of the research has shown that alcohol can affect the testosterone level greatly. One of the studies has found that increasing the intake of alcohol leads to a rise in brain and plasma concentrations of testosterone. This guide will explain to you in detail about the effect of alcohol on the testosterone level.

Neuroactive Steroids Measured

In one of the studies, the researchers injected alcohol or 1,1-deuterio ethanol into the abdominal cavity of 2 different rat groups. The used mass spectrometry was determined to the neuroactive steroids and the degree of deuterium neuroactive steroids separated from the brain sample.

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Testosterone increased four-time

The investigators found the testosterone concentration increased around four times in the frontal cortex and the plasma level increased by three-fold within 30 minutes of the alcohol consumption. The results have shown that alcohol oxidation is linked to testosterone biosynthesis.

Direct Alcohol-Testosterone link

One of the direct links is shown between alcohol consumption and the brain level which changes with the neuroactive steroid testosterone. Different studies have shown the high dosage of alcohol consumption which affects the reproductive function.

There is a possibility that alcohol consumption can increase the testosterone level temporarily.

So, under some conditions, alcohol consumption can increase the testosterone level in the brain and plasma of male and female. Due to this, it can lead to behavioral effects like increased aggression or libido.

What is the role of testosterone and alcohol effect?

With the studies, it has been clear that alcohol consumption will affect the plasma testosterone level along with the reproductive function which is a universal truth.

Is it true alcohol tolerance will take time to develop?

It is essential to determine that the alcohol with low dosage which does not result in rapid ataxia and intoxication can result in increased testosterone levels. But, it is not sure with the study that alcohol tolerance will develop with repeated administrations.

The most interesting thing is to look upon the changes made in testosterone play an important role in the behavioral responses to acute ethanol consumption.

It might be possible that the cycle can result in different changes in men and women and there can be different stages also.

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