How does Alcohol Impacts Aggression

How does Alcohol Impacts Aggression

February 6, 2020


How does Alcohol Impacts Aggression?

The relationship between alcohol and aggression is huge. A psychology professor revealed that Alcohol is the main reason for heinous crimes such as Murder and assaults.

Stats from the National institute include the following:

  • 696,00 students aged between 18 to 24 were attacked by another student who had drunk.
  • 97,000 students age varying from 18-24 years experienced sexual attacks.

Basic Factors of Anger

Aggression is considered as the basic outlet for anger. When a human being is mad it is very easy to think about anger as an emotional state. In general, the personality attribute of anger depends upon your habit of experiencing anger over time. If you are an angry person, you often seek out several factors that turn on angry feelings. Through this, you may demonstrate the reason for more angriness when compared with an individual who doesn’t have this quality.

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Anger Attribute is a Predictor of Aggression

A high anger attribute defines or predicts aggression in those men who have the lesser anger-control capability. Moreover, a psychiatrist tackles this situation effectively and produces genuine results.

Researchers performed a test to check the aggression level by recruiting over 137 male drinkers aged between 21 to 35. After taking alcohol. It has been found that candidates were told that they have to fight against another human on a “ reaction time”, during this task, the candidates receive electric shocks from their rivals. Moreover, the participants believed that anger was treated easily by using a facial action coding system. All these actions are carried out while they are hooked up in a fictitious task.

Alcohol Carried out Aggression

The intoxication of Alcohol carried out all the natural tendencies of people. The research on this topic is going on as the produced results boost up the notion that Alcohol increases the likelihood of anger. If people try to express their anger outside, alcohol will raise its volume so that a person will carry out his anger more intensely. A study revealed that high consumption of alcohol may lead to several crimes including domestic violence and many more.