Relationship Between Memory And Anxiety

Relationship Between Memory And Anxiety

February 6, 2020


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), a harmful disease that adversely affects your brain or nervous system. If you are suffering from this disorder, you may feel chronic anxiety and more worried about your day to day life. Well, GAD hurts your everyday life. More importantly, it can produce a very harmful impact on your nervous system or memories. A person can forget his necessary information.

We lose our memory whenever we are suffering from high-level stress or experience any disturbance in mood. Harmful diseases such as GAD can put up these problems regularly

Following are some of the reasons that restrict our memory during Anxiety:

How our Memory is Affected by Anxiety?

In our brain, there are numerous memory systems set up that operate in different capacities. A long-term memory system helps humans in remembering information and events that they were performed in the past. Some people are often called ‘Working Memory’ because it allows us to remember things or tasks in mind that through which we work with them.

In addition to this, working memory is very crucial for a human being as it helps humans to solve problems easily & efficiently. Moreover, it also helps you to manage the present information. Whenever this system is not working properly, it can lead to mistakes and other problems. Unfortunately, it is adversely impacted by worry. This can be considered as a major issue in your work or day to day life.

Harmful disorder GAD can cause your overall working memory blocked by your worry, This can cost you so much as you forget your all-important work or appointments. You are unable to do work by making several mistakes.

In this case, if you experience these symptoms then, you can consult with a psychiatrist as he perfectly examines your condition and treats you accordingly.

More examples may include:

  • Not know where you parked your vehicle.
  • Lose your important things such as smartphones regularly.
  • Facing difficulty in remembering goods when purchasing in the store.
  • Trouble in recalling past information.

Memory Problems with GAD

Research studies confirm that working memory and anxiety both are interrelated with each other. Studies also reveal that whenever individuals suffering from anxiety, similarly stress level or worry level is at peak. Working capacity disturbed by the presence of GAD disorder.

If a person suffers from high-level GAD, he has lost his decision-making capabilities.