How does depression affect your sex life? Why should you consult a psychiatrist?

July 7, 2021


Depression can affect many parts of our lives and one of them is sex. Studies have shown that due to this condition, the sex drive is going to reduce to a great extent. If you are someone who is struggling with the same, then you need to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana. By doing so, the depression will be curbed and your sex life will come back on track. In case, there is still a problem then it is better that you consult the best sexologist in Punjab at Manas Hospital. To break the cycle of depression and its effect on sex life you need to consult the doctor.

One treatment will not fit everyone

When you consult our medical expert, he is going to understand what problem you are experiencing, and accordingly, he will suggest to you the best treatment plan. No doubt, there are tried and tested treatment methods that have been successful for the patients. So, make sure that you book your initial consultation and get a suitable treatment plan.

Never delay or stop the depression treatment In-between

Make sure that you neither delay the treatment nor stop it in-between. Whatever you want to do, make sure that you consult the doctor. Depression can take a toll on your personal relationship but with the doctor’s help and the support of your loved ones, you will be able to deal with the problem with ease.

Get depression treatment

Initially, your focus should be on treating depression and afterward get the sex life on track. Depression is common so, make sure that you do not think you are alone in this situation. Patients with chronic depression are going to face the problem of:

  • Low sex desire
  • Take more time to orgasm
  • Sex does not seem enjoyable for them.

Due to depression, the process of having arousal is lost which eventually affects the relationship. Due to depression, the patient is in his/her world and they are dealing with their things that they are not able to focus on anything else. So, make sure that you consult the psychiatrist and get yourself the treatment plan which will work wonders for your condition.

Consult the doctor about what to do

The most important advice would be that you don’t assume anything on your own and then make changes in your life. Make sure that the antidepressants prescribed by the doctor should be taken in the precise amount only. In case, after taking them you notice the changes then tell the doctor right away so that he can make the changes. Self-medication is not what you should do in this situation.

Have a talk with your partner

If you are having trouble, then it is better to share it with your partner. When he/she will get to know what trouble you are facing together you can have a solution and do other things which can excite your sex life. What seems pleasurable to you, you should ask your partner to do that.

It is better to not let negative thoughts come to your mind and start expressing yourself about what you feel in the moment.