Availability of Sexologist in Ludhiana and Psychiatrist in Punjab

What does a sexologist do? How does a sexologist provide the treatment?

June 29, 2021


When we start looking for any medical professional like a psychiatrist in Ludhiana, we make sure we choose the best. People have some idea that how a psychiatrist can help them. But, when it comes to a sexologist, people have several doubts in their mind about the way they can provide the treatment. Consulting the best Sexologist In Punjab should not come with worry and you need to understand the way they provide the treatment.

Choosing a board-certified sexologist

You need to ensure the sexologist you choose is trained, experienced, and board-certified. Moreover, there are special training and certification programs in sexology which are essential when you are planning to consult a sexologist. Sexologists will help you deal with your sexual problem like lack of sex drive, problems with orgasm. He is someone who suggests you a treatment plan to make your sex life easier for you.

Sexologist uses their expertise and training in different ways

To become a sexologist, there are different ways. Like some prefer to do research, get a degree, teach the students, and conduct workshops. They will give you the necessary advice you want.

Moreover, the sexologist is also known as sex therapists who work along with the clients either individually or as a couple to address the problems which come in their sex lives. They can give you relevant advice for the:

  • Sexless relationship
  • Difficulties orgasming
  • Mismatched libidos

The best sex therapists will have qualifications like an advanced degree in therapy, counseling, or psychology. However, all these terms are not regulated. When you are looking for a sex therapist, make sure you check their experience in the first place.

Sexologist clinic sessions do not include any physical contact

Many people think that consulting the sexologist means there is a need for physical contact. This is not all true.

The sexologist clinical sessions are ‘Always – ALL TALK and No ACTION’

So, when you consult the sexologist you only need to tell them the answers to the questions they ask. In addition, feel free to talk about the concerns you have in your mind. There is no nudity or sexual activity, whatsoever when you visit the sexologist.

Book your appointment with the sexologist

By now, it is clear that at the sexologist appointment, you need to talk about your problems. The clinic sessions are considered regular therapy sessions and even enlightening the patients about SEX EDUCATION. In case the sexologist wants to explain something in a better way then we will use the diagram. He is going to make sure that the treatment you get is the best which helps to address all your sexual problems.

If you are having trouble with your sex life then make sure that you consult our sexologist and get the best care you want. If there is any concern that comes to your mind, then make sure to talk about the same. There is no need to hesitate about the same as a sexologist is not there to judge you with your issues.