Sometimes it is tough to deal with the situation of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Sometimes it is tough to deal with the situation of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

June 25, 2021


I am writing this so that someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder can deal with the situation or people around them should understand what they are going through. What made things easier for me was to consult the best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Hearing Unwanted statement

Anyone with OCD has gone through this, hearing people say how adjusting the color-coded file or making the wardrobe color-coordinated can give them satisfaction. But, when you come across someone who understands everything can make you feel happy about it. But, there is the ugly side of being an OCD patient as we need to stay quiet and struggle to find the right place in a certain conversation.

It is true that people with OCD focus on symmetry and order. People do get obsessed with cleanliness, choosing the perfect angle, and organizing everything. Although, the condition is a painful experience, specifically when people start judging.

OCD – Makes daily life difficult

First of all, people don’t understand what OCD is and lack of conversation about mental illness leads to increased anxiety and struggle. Sometimes I feel guilty and wait to get attached to something.

Sometimes it feels like waking up and being panicked about something. Hearing about the unwanted comments makes the problem even more difficult.

OCD makes everyday life difficult

OCD is about facing problems in everyday life and making choices. Those who don’t understand the situation try to make assumptions.

With OCD patients, it feels like every action is like a butterfly wing and the reason behind the typhoon halfway has occurred because of me. It is possible that I did not recycle the peanut butter which is the reason climate change happened. OCD indeed makes the person feel like every decision I take will save or destroy the world.

It’s like a horror movie but there is no pause button. There are a lot of disturbing things which can come your way. Sometimes there are happy thoughts and sometimes sad thoughts, which are difficult to control.

OCD makes me feel strong and compassionate

No doubt, there is a challenging side of OCD but it does bring out the strength in me. Even though it is about obsessive work ethic, it does give me a chance to achieve goals and even set them, depending on what seems best. It does make it easier for me to approach anyone without any judgment. In addition, it allows me to live a life with important information and something to protect.

Let’s change the perspective about mental health and problem

Well! It is the time when we all need to change our perspective about mental health. Even though the person has OCD or not, there should be NO DIFFERENCE. If you notice any change in your mental health or anyone around you, then you should consult the best psychiatrist. It is better that you talk it out about the way you feel and understand how the problem can be managed. We are here for you.