Symptoms of the mental illness

Which are the signs of mental illness? When to consult a psychiatrist?

June 18, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Many people who are mentally ill and approaches us, tell us that:

  • They have not been able to sleep the whole night.
  • They used to cry on the little things
  • They know that they are thinking negatively about a particular thing. They even want to stop themselves. But they cannot.
  • They are happy either with their children or their grandchildren.
  • They couldn’t afford to lose one thing which is very dear to them.

All these thoughts are nothing more than the symptoms of mental illness.

Get it clear!

It does not mean that you will be considered mentally ill only if you throw things out of the house.

These points are regarded as warning signs. Detecting them, in the beginning, can help you to prevent stepping into a severe mental illness state.

Does every mentally ill person suffer from sleeping problems?

Usually, mentally ill patients suffer from sleep disorders because of overthinking. They keep on thinking about one stupid thing and keep on exaggerating it. Thus they spend their whole night and day thinking about the consequences and the ways they can prevent themselves from such things.

Also, you should know that the symptoms of mental illness are not the same in every person. It varies from person to person depending upon the cause that has deteriorated the mental condition or time for which the illness has remained untreated.

Why is the knowledge of the warning signs important?

The knowledge of the warning signs is important because they help to know whether you are depressed. With the right knowledge, you can get your problem treated at an earlier stage.

Which conditions can contribute tremendously to mental illness problems?

Many types of mental illnesses are depressing people. The most common ones are caused owing to the following factors:

  • Changes in the medication

The medications which we intake are known to control the neurological system in some way. The sudden switch or even abandonment of the medication may make your mental condition problematic. This is the main reason that it is suggested to consult the doctors whenever you are switching the intake or abandoning the consumption of some medications.

  • Decreasing therapy

With time, the therapy has to be stopped. But in some patients, the stoppage of the therapy can come out with bad results. They may find themselves dependent on therapy.

  • Stressor

If you have encountered any stressor in your life like the death of someone very close to you, then your mental condition may get affected by it.

Usually, breakups and divorce are also the reason for the same.

A suggestion

Usually, it is suggested that whenever you visit the psychiatrist for the consultation, then make sure you are taking one family member of yours with you.