How is a depression known to reduce sexual drive? What to do?

March 22, 2022


Have you noticed your sexual desire is low than before?

Well, the state of low sex drive or loss of libido can trigger due to several factors that begin to affect daily life. If your sex drive is way too low, it can result in several complications like stress, a relationship issue, or problem sleeping. If this is what is happening with you, then it’s time to consult the medical expert. With the low sexual drive, the person’s psychological health is significantly impacted, leading to depression.

Are you feeling depressed? or Do you have a feeling that nothing is working right for you? If your mental peace of mind is not there, then it’s time to consult one of the known Psychiatrists in Ludhiana who will guide you towards what’s suitable for you and not.

How can depression impact the sex drive?

Depression is one such state where sexual health can take a downfall. At times, the person starts to drink a lot or get themselves connected with an illicit drug & this is where they need to get themselves treated at one of the known Deaddiction Centre In Ludhiana. At the de-addiction centre, the treatment approach focuses on addressing the root cause and helping to stay away from the illicit habit. During the depressed state, the sex organs might not get enough blood supply as the brain is not getting enough signals. So, this is why several complications trigger if the person’s mental health is not in the right direction.

Depression and Sexual Health: What’s the connection?

With the sex life, several challenges can knock on the door with depression. The individual starts having feelings of anxiety, guilt, stress, and low temperament. Additionally, as the side-effects get worse, several health issues can come along with the same. It’s like the state to achieve orgasm will have difficulty in all ways.

Moreover, as the sexual dysfunction knocks on the door, the person’s self-esteem can go down, and there is even a feeling of uselessness in the person’s heart. That’s not all; depression can even result in erectile dysfunction.

Is your mental health not fine?

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