How to cope up with home sickness while studing abroad

How to cope up with home sickness while studying abroad?

March 21, 2020


Feeling of homesickness is very normal. It is so common that there is no point in asking the students, especially those who are studying abroad. No doubt, staying away from the home and doing everything on your own can make you miss your home. Do not worry, this guide is going to help you cope up with homesickness while studying abroad.

Given below are the top tips given by our psychiatrist in Punjab to help you cope up with homesickness when you are studying overseas.


  • Connect with your family but keep a balance


With this digital world, we can connect with our family & friends even when we are living in 2 different countries. No doubt, it is very common to talk with them and make all your worries go away. But, you need to keep a balance because when you spend too much time you won’t be able to focus on other things. So, make use of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype only when you need it.

If you feel or know someone who is experiencing such an issue and not able to concentrate on their life then consult the psychiatrist right away.


  • Make your new home welcoming


Moving to a new home can be fun. You should spend some time decorating it the way you want. Your place should be welcoming and comfortable. But, that does not mean you should stay there all day long.

Go outside, make new friends and explore the new city. This way it will help you focus on your studies and you will enjoy your stay in the new city also.


  • Follow an Exercise regime


When you start exercising or for a walk in the morning you will meet new people. Additionally, it will help you clear your thoughts and focus on your studies properly.


  • Do something you are passionate about


You love playing sports, reading books, or love to paint. Then why spend your time laying in the bed all day. Instead, you should join a team or classes as per your choice.

If you love cooking and staying with your friends then cook for your housemates. Bond with your college mates, get to know their culture and tell them about yours. Keep in mind, you can still do things you love even when you are in a new place.


  • Explore the new place


It is very important where you are staying you should know about its culture and what type of tradition they follow. This way you will feel you are a part of them and the feeling of homesickness will be less.


  • Be patient


Starting a routine will take time but you will slowly adjust into it. You need to be patient and be kind to yourself. Do not stress yourself, if things do not go according to the way you have planned. With time, everything will happen smoothly.