How to do mental health checkups to cope up better during Quarantine

How to do mental health checkups to cope up better during Quarantine?

September 2, 2020



Our psychiatrist in Ludhiana talked about the methods to do mental health checkup during the coronavirus pandemic. The psychiatrist will help you find the tools which can help to boost brain function and psychological health to help you cope better during the health crisis. Given below are some of the highlights which can help you during quarantine:

  • Mental Hygiene is important

When people think of high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and depression it is important to think about mental well-being. It is important to be careful about what you say to others. Mental hygiene is just like disinfecting the unnecessary thoughts from the mind. The doctor is going to help you learn the way to practice mental hygiene. It is important to keep yourself positive and always with empowering thoughts that can boost brain function along with immune system function.

  • Some anxiety is a good thing

Stress and anxiety are excess can attack the brain areas which are involved with memory and mood as they can affect the immune system. However, some anxiety is beneficial and it helps you to do better things. Achieving a healthy level of anxiety is the right thing and it will help you focus on the appropriate concern.

  • Do not let amygdala hijack the brain

Amygdala is considered as the fear center of the brain. When activity in this region goes up, the activity in the frontal will go down. The frontal lobes are involved in judgment, planning, and decision-making, the disconnect is going to increase the fear and decision-making ability gets affected. It is best to avoid all those activities which decrease the activity in the frontal lobes. It is best to do breathing exercises as it helps to calm you and it makes you feel better.

  • Work on tiny habits

Our doctor always suggests the patients make simple changes in their daily routine. All this is going to improve brain function, boost mood, and support the immune system. If you are having any issue then make sure to consult the psychiatrist and he will guide you what suits your condition the best or what can improve your mental health.

  • Get Quality Sleep

The most important thing which can keep your immune system at the peak is to get enough sleep every day. The doctor is going to tell you effective and simple strategies that are going to work for you.


Get medical help

If you are struggling with anxiety, mental health issues, depression, or panic attacks then it means that coronavirus has impacted your mental health. It does not mean that if you are at home you need to wait to get the treatment. During these uncertain times, your mental health is extremely important, and waiting to get treatment will make the symptoms worse.