When is the ideal time to consult an experienced therapist for anxiety

When is the ideal time to consult an experienced therapist for anxiety?

September 5, 2020



It seems like everyone is talking about anxiety these days and this is not at all a bad thing. It is important to talk about mental health and reduce the stigma around it. Getting help on time from the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana can make you live a normal and happy life. Consulting the professional will help you get better control over the entire situation.

Figuring about the anxiety problem

Figuring how serious the anxiety is can be tough and this is a normal & essential part of being a human. Anxiety is the reaction to a situation that we consider dangerous or stressful. Anxiety can lead to stress response in the body, specifically the brain triggers the sympathetic nervous system to release norepinephrine and cortisol to get out of the harmful ways. The major part of the brain is to keep us alive and fear & anxiety are a big part of that.


Anxiety can interfere with your personal life

While a little anxiety can help you perform better because you feel stressed or you give your best in the dance performance. But once this problem starts affecting your personal life then it can lead to significant distress. You should not push this thing and you should get help on time.

Anxiety is the most prevalent mental illness all over the world and it comes in different forms. The person starts feeling nervous all the time on every small thing. Mental health conditions can come in different forms.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is characterized by having excessive worries and fears for months and many individuals face this problem each year.
  • Panic disorder involves spontaneous bouts of debilitating fear known as panic attacks, along with intense worry about when the next attack will come
  • Social anxiety disorder triggers when you have a fear of getting into social situations. The person starts feeling they are judged or rejected as well as they try to avoid the situations. The person can even have symptoms like trembling, sweating, or nausea.

Sometimes the person can have an obsessive-compulsive disorder which leads to intrusive thoughts and stress disorder. The problem happens when the person is having prolonged stress and they want to narrow down the situation.

Seek treatment on time

If you feel that the things which you can do are getting limited then you need to consult the psychiatrist right away. You can have problems like:

  • You are not able to get enough sleep or your sleep pattern has changed a lot.
  • You skip school or the office because you do not want to meet people.
  • You feel like everyone is going to judge you on what you say or how you feel.