warning signs of mental illness

What are the topmost major early warning signs of mental illness?

September 8, 2020



Mental illnesses have become a major issue all over the world. However, there is a stigma involved around mental illness which makes it difficult for the person to get the treatment. Mental illnesses like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia are extremely common. Most often friends, family, teachers, or individuals themselves start to notice the small changes or there is a feeling that something is not right. The illness can affect a person’s life greatly. If you are experiencing mental-health related issues then you need to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.


Early warning signs of Mental Illness

It is important to understand the early warning symptoms and signs. It helps the individuals to take the necessary steps on time. Early intervention can help to reduce the effect of mental illness. Moreover, it can even help the person to delay or prevent the major mental health-related issue altogether. If you have some of the given issues then you need to consult the mental health professional right away:

  • Sleep or diet changes

When the person does not get proper sleep or the diet changes it can affect the person’s life greatly. The person needs to follow a healthy regime so that their mental health does not get impacted.

  • Mood changes

Dramatic shifts or rapid mood changes are experienced by an individual which affects their health greatly. The person can have a depressed feeling which affects health greatly.

  • Drop-in functioning

In some cases, the person is not able to give the best in school, work, or social activities. The person is not able to give the best in sports, difficulty performing tasks, or failing in school. If the person is not able to give his or her best in the personal life then make sure to get help right away.

  • Losing interest in activities

Recent social withdrawal or losing interest in activities is the major sign a person’s mental health is impacted. If a person is not able to enjoy the activities which he or she loved in the past, then get professional help.

  • Not able to think properly

If a person is having problems with memory, concentration, logical thought, and speech, then seek help from the professional on time.

  • Increased sensitivity

If you are having heightened sensitivity to sound, smell, sights, or touch then your health might get impacted.

  • Feeling disconnected

In some cases, the person starts feeling disconnected from many things. This means he or she is not able to connect with people around then or they can have a sense of unreality.

  • Illogical thinking

Sometimes the person can have illogical thinking or they have child-like thinking as an adult that affects their personal life greatly.

  • Feeling of nervousness

Fear or suspiciousness of others or having a strong feeling of nervousness can make it difficult for the person to give their best.