How to find help for addiction and mental health during COVID-19 lockdown

How to find help for addiction and mental health during COVID-19 lockdown?

June 29, 2020


With the Coronavirus situation, everyone’s life has been affected. Due to the lockdown, the person’s daily life has come to a halt and many people are dealing with mental health and drug addiction. This is where comes the need of consulting the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana for effective treatment.


How to find the treatment in lockdown?

Given below are some of the factors to consider to find the treatment during lockdown:

  • Check the operational status

Some centres have shut down on a temporary basis to admit new patients. whereas , there are other centres who are admitting new people to check for the symptoms they have. They are making sure to check the patient’s history and a doctor’s health certificate to make sure they do not have COVID symptoms.

  • Safety is important

You should not be afraid to ask the centre how they are making sure to ensure the patient’s safety. Your loved one is going to be at the treatment centre so there should be no risk of getting coronavirus. By doing so, the risk will be mitigated and the patient’s health remains stable.

  • Existing patients

Many patients need to stay because of the lockdown extension. Centres are taking effective measures to make sure patient health is stable and all the sensitive information is maintained. Additionally, the procedures and treatments are performed to avoid the risk of infection to the staff and patients.

  • Logistics

Some of the centres are providing ambulance facilities and few of them have their own pickup vehicles to help the patient get on-time mental health treatment along with addiction.

  • Staff availability

One of the challenges is to check for the staff availability. Many of them are available with limited support or some are not able to commute because of the lockdown.

  • Look for online options

Some of the centres are giving online counseling treatment to deal with stress and anxiety. To deal with the current situation, the government has come with the option of telemedicine practice. You need to consult your psychiatrist and he can tell you better what suits your condition the best.


Visit the addiction centre

One of the choices is to visit the detox centre as they are open and few of them are giving the option of online passes to give them police verification during travel. Due to lockdown, mental health has been a great challenge and is uncertain to know how a person can react.


Online options

Fortunately, online platforms have been great for mental health. The meetings have been moved to platforms like Zoom. On the online platform, you can get the online counseling to address the issue of mental health and addiction. The experts will help you in this tough time and give you the best possible option for your condition.