Relation between depression and drug addiction

Is it true depression is the source of the problem of drug addiction?

June 27, 2020



Many people often ask ’Whether depression is the source of addiction?’ Well, you are not alone in this case. Various studies have shown that drug and alcohol addiction is common for people with depression. Various studies have shown that people with anxiety problems are 2 or 3 times likely to face the issue of alcohol or substance abuse problems at some time in their lives.

If you know who is dealing with this problem then ask them or take them to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.


Relation between Depression and Addiction

Drug addiction and alcohol can sometimes result in mental illness and might be in other ways. Depression can result in uncomfortable feelings like numbness, sadness, hopelessness, sleep problem, digestive disorder, and isolation. Sometimes people with depression try to take medications on their own that can make things problematic.

However, every case is different, and you must understand the relationship between substance use disorder and depression. For precise information about your condition, consulting the best psychiatrist is the right choice.


How people with drug addiction and depression can be helped?

If someone in your known is struggling with depression and addiction, then it is important to get help right away. It can be difficult to watch someone close to getting close to the feeling of depression. Given below are some of the important steps which can help with drug addiction and depression:

  • Give them your support

People will not change until the time they want to. Ideally, you need to give them support and be with them to hear about what they are going through.

  • Set Boundaries

You should set boundaries to help them stay healthy. Helping your loved ones with addiction will make their lives easier. Make sure you do not say anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or different from others.

  • Intervene

Sometimes people with depression and addiction cannot understand what they are doing or how their behavior can affect others. Being their close friend or family member you need to be with them and help them to find the best treatment.


Depression treatment provides help

Patients need to undergo dual diagnosis who are suffering from drug addiction as well as a mental illness like anxiety or depression. In both conditions, the patient needs to get therapeutic and medical treatment. The danger of a problem occurring is that a person will never get a chance to cope or understand with the trauma that can increase the disorder.

People suffering from drug addiction and depression need to get treatment for mental health and detox & recovery to live their lives with peace and comfort. At Manas Hospital, we ensure the patient gets effective treatment by addressing their condition effectively.


Follow the path of recovery

If you or your loved ones are struggling to get back on the right track then book your consultation to have the best path for recovery.