What are the different ways to manage Stress during the Coronavirus Outbreak

What are the different ways to manage Stress during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

June 26, 2020


The news continues to flow about coronavirus and it can be overwhelming and frightening. You may be anxious and fearful because of a vast variety of issues such as treating high-risk families or visitors, attempting to maintain children busy when at school, operating at school, or actually adapting to the new circumstance. During the days you feel tension will contribute to your body and mind. In this blog, our Psychiatrist in Ludhiana is going to give you some tips on how to manage stress and anxiety during a coronavirus outbreak.

Steps to manage stress.

Exercise Regularly

Yes, recent research reveals that regular exercise will help you to relieve stress. You can also go with aerobics, including walking, climbing stairs, running, and some sort of cardio exercises. Exercise helps release endorphins, this is a kind of hormone that are important for raising your mood and maintaining a positive attitude. Yoga, meditation, playing with kids or pets, and stretching exercises also help to maintain your fitness and calm your mind. If you do not know how to practice some of the exercises, you need to get help from experts.

Better maintenance standard

Be especially vigilant and follow the required measures. Keep healthy and sanitize the floors periodically on rough surfaces. Make sure every day you take a bath and maintain a daily routine of personal hygiene.

Explore opportunities to express yourself

Whether it is a document, video recording, scrapbook, journals, or blogging that allows you to cope with your feelings. You can write a ton or only a line a day, as long as you are searching for a hobby that works best for you. It takes the worries away and makes you look forward to something every day.

Maintain a healthy weight

Unnecessary stress may cause you to eat excessively or unhealthily. This activity affects your metabolism badly. Prevent mental feeding by recognizing and suppressing the temptation to feed. Consume nutritious treats like fruit plates, almonds, or just granola bars around you. Stable levels of blood sugar all day long will allow the attitude & emotions to be controlled. An effective diet also supports a strong digestive system.

Take Adequate Rest

Not taking enough rest or sleep leads to over stress and anxiety as well. To get rid of stress, you need to get enough sleep, as it helps you to manage stress and you will be able to focus on other activities. You need to avoid nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine during night hours or prior to bedtime. These things will disturb your sleep, due to which you start taking stress.

Connect to other people

It is necessary to talk to others in such periods of insecurity or fear. Feeling alone and all unjustified anxiety will trigger tension and depression. Provide daily telephone calls, tweets, or emails to relatives, friends, and colleagues.