Is ADHD related to learning Disabilities

Is ADHD related to learning Disabilities

May 6, 2020


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is not the learning disability, but yes the learning process is affected. Like, the student is not able to focus on what the teacher is saying or you cannot pay attention to the blood. It might be possible the person has a learning disability and ADHD. Read the given topic, to understand this in a better way.

How ADHD, Executive function, and learning disabilities are connected?

Learning includes the brain executive function which includes the ability to pay attention, focus, perform the task, and use the memory. We know that ADHD will affect brain function.

Many individuals with ADHD are not able to do well in school, but still, their problem is not enough to be diagnosed with LD. If someone in your known is struggling with this

condition, then help them to consult the best psychologist in Ludhiana

What is meant by Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are neurological conditions. In simple terms, the brain is functioning weirdly and it cannot either process or receive the information correctly. Writing, reading, spelling, and solving math problems can seem difficult. It also affects the brain’s ability to recall the information and it can even affect the long term and short term memory.

The person with this issue has an average or above-average intelligence. But, with the right support from the child psychiatrist, the problem can be solved. Some of the examples of learning disabilities include:

  • Dyslexia: Reading disorder
  • Dyspraxia: Problems with motor skills
  • Dyscalculia: Math disorder
  • Dysgraphia: Writing disorder
  • Dysphasia or Aphasia: Problems with language
  • Visual processing disorder
  • Auditory processing disorder

How does it impact a person’s life?

The learning disability can affect the relationship at work and at home. In the case of children, the problem is noticed at school. The child’s self-esteem is affected as they might be able to do well in school. There is a problem with demonstrating and explaining things. The person feels different and isolated even when they are with others.

If your child is struggling with this issue or someone else is facing trouble then make sure they get the ADHD therapy.

Diagnosing the ADHD and learning disability

When a person is suffering from more than one problem, it is tough to recognize the condition as they overlap each other. Well, there is no definitive checklist which makes it hard to understand the problem.

But, yes ADHD and learning disabilities have genetic issues which means if one of the partners had it, then the children could have it. It is important to educate yourself about the condition and follow the treatment plan as suggested by the doctor.

Getting the testing done on time

Keep in mind, ADHD and learning disabilities cannot be cured. But, the treatment can help your child to live a better quality of life. Visit our doctor to get a successful treatment plan as per the patient’s needs.