Is it important to get migraine treatment for an individual's mental health

Is it important to get migraine treatment for an individual’s mental health?

August 22, 2020



Migraine is not the same as a headache. This can occur at different stages and this can last for several days or weeks. People suffering from migraines can change in sensory which is referred to as an aura. This is true, migraine can affect the person’s daily routine and they are not able to take part in social activities. Consulting the psychiatrist in Ludhiana is going to help you get the best treatment which will improve your condition right away.

Migraine result in a different experience

The symptoms of migraines can differ in terms of frequency, affects, and triggers. In some cases, the person can experience the migraine episode occasionally whereas some can experience one episode each week. When you visit our psychiatrist, he is going to understand the symptoms you are having and what are its other causes.

Migraine may occur because of genetic issues and it can affect people of different age groups. Additionally, studies have shown that women are diagnosed with migraines more often as compared to men.

What are the causes of Migraine?

Well, the exact causes of migraine are not known but there are some of the possible causes which include:

  • Changes in the brain that affect the way nerves communicate.
  • Changes in the brain can also affect the balance of chemicals.
  • Blood vessels get affected due to which there is a risk of causing migraine.

People suffering from depression, sleep disorders, bipolar disorder, anxiety, are more likely to have a migraine.

How migraine is triggered?

  • Hormonal changes

Menstruation period can trigger migraine

  • Depression, anxiety, stress are a few examples of Emotional Triggers of migraine.
  • Medications like sleeping pills, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy also lead to trigger migraines.
  • Physical problems like joint pains, low blood sugar, poor posture, lack of sleep, tiredness, dehydration, and jet lag are some reasons that trigger migraine.
  • Environmental Factors like loud noises, foul smells, unhealthy atmosphere, bad temperature, triggers a migraine.
  • Dietary Factors like excessive consumption of caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, and foods containing addictive tramline can also trigger migraine.

What is the treatment of migraine?

Migraine attack generally occurs because of triggers. If the trigger is not known and avoided at an early stage then it will help to reduce the problem. Keep in mind, there is no exact cure for it.

But getting the right medication and treatment will help to minimize its intensity.

Fortunately, with early precautions, the problem can be controlled and its adverse effect will not affect anybody’s life.