Reasons to talk about mental health

Mental issues: Why it is necessary for Indians to Talk About Mental Health?

May 27, 2020


There are several Indians suffer from mental disorders. But no one wants to talk about this disorder. Now, this is a time to raise knowledge as well as awareness about mental illness. This is beneficial for everyone for survivors, battlers, and experts too. They have to come forward to tell their stories so that psychiartrist in Ludhiana can share clinical results and help people to grow stronger. It’s also time to reflect on some of the challenges that we face in India.

If a person experiences chest pain, then he quickly rushes to the hospital, because not only he, we all habitual to take pills or other treatments. Majority of Indians take pills for such conditions include-:

  • High BP

  • High cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Immune problems.

 To get rid of all these health conditions, we need to talk about certain things include-:

  • Why are we so wary of seeking help?

  • Why are we shying away from talking about mental disorders?

  • Why are we not behaving in a similar manner when it comes to physical health and wellbeing?

These are the necessary questions that we have to answer to get relieved from mental disorders. It is true that no one wants to encourage people to seek medical help or support system to cope with up mental stress, we start judging and labelling them all the time.

We have to stop judging and labelling them, because it may affect them badly. Stop laughing at people for attending a gym or yoga lessons, so we’re criticizing them for seeing a psychologist or mental health expert. So, you don’t compel them to see the doctor, you just talk to them and support them in their efforts.

No doubt, it is a good idea to get a regular check-up or meet the health care provider, but you have do not insist on anyone. When you stop doing this, they start thinking and ultimately visit a doctor for a check-up.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, India has the highest rate of suicide among teenagers worldwide. The main reason is that almost 11 billion of India’s population live below the poverty line. A significant percentage of these 11 billion people are living in total poverty, which leads them to stress and depression.

According to another study, some people are suffering from,m mental disorders due to relationship problems in India. Because Indian think, it is good to hold the things that harm them more instead of letting them go. If you do this, then these problems male permanent space in your mind and you start overthinking, which ruins your life badly.