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PTSD And Suicidal Thought: Find Help With The Help Of A Psychiatrist

April 5, 2022



PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a term that is used to describe the stress or depressive thoughts one gets post-trauma. It is not easy to overcome the issues by oneself. The need to let things go with the guidance of therapists or Psychiatrists in Ludhiana is essential. The suicidal thoughts and depression could be healed over time with persistence and the proper direction. There are ways to cope with the suicidal thoughts one gets after the trauma. Seeking help is the 1st help that one could reach for to overcome the negativity. It is not an easy task but one with many thorns, but remember, slow and steady wins the race.

The risk of suicide is higher among people with PTSD, making it more important to talk to some professionals. For sexual violence, we also have a panel of Sex Problem Specialists in Ludhiana.

PTSD is not a risk factor for suicide, but it is one of teh 1st thought processes taht goes through one’s mind. It is, in fact, a common trait in any mental health disorder. The link between mental illness and suicide is yet not apparent. Still, according to the study, the emotions of an individual and the chemical function react in such a way that it creates hopelessness.

 What Are Your Options?

Therapist is the best option one could choose to get rid of such horrific and traumatic feelings. Contact us and book a therapist who specializes in depression treatment or PTSD. They might help you manage your problems by learning some techniques to control them. Apart from that, they are also liable to help you cope with suicidal thoughts that might enter your mind due to hopelessness.

 Some of those therapies include:

  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy): in this therapy, the psychiatrist would help you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones by effectively changing the pattern and behavior of an individual.
  • Exposure therapy: if you have PTSD caused by a traumatic event, this therapy is perfect for you to cope with its effects by fighting them head-on.
  • Prolonged exposure (PE) therapy: in this therapy, the doctor talks about the trauma and the symptoms caused by it in detail over and over again until and unless it no longer frightens you.


For Those with PTSD

  • You can begin by researching local support groups and organizations that would give you the right counseling.
  • Try to reach out to your friends and family, as companionship might help you.
  • Try to involve yourself in the community as much as possible.
  • Do not hesitate and be open about your experience, as talking is the key to letting things go.
  • Always remember that you are not alone. 

For Those Who Have Lost Someone To Suicide

  • Research about the suicide survivors’ support groups.
  • Read other survivors’ stories.
  • Learn from people’s experiences on how to cope with loss. 

Common Symptoms Of PTSD

Suicide is one of the common symptoms of PTSD. Apart from that, there are also other factors that might indicate PTSD.

  • Having flashbacks (re-experiencing a symptom)
  • Avoidance of signs (avoiding things that remind you of trauma)
  • Hyperarousal symptoms( always on guard or feeling tense)