Signs that indicate your job is affecting you mentally

March 27, 2020


Working all day long can sometimes male you feel tensed and stressed, which is quite normal also. But how do you know it is toxic and draining your life. The job can be toxic due to various reasons as they might be dull, stressful, and overwhelming. Read this guide to learn the signs which indicate your job affecting you mentally.


When you do not love your job you will have a feeling of tensed muscles, breathing becomes faster, and your heart races. The hormones affect your body to take it on a run which leads to chronic stress and it can affect your overall health also. If the hormonal level is very high in the body then the immune system can get weak and muscles become weak.

In case, you are facing any of the given signs in this topic, then it is important to consult the best psychiatrist in Punjab. If you are looking for one then visit us and we will make sure you get a reliable treatment plan which can help you focus on your life and job perfectly. Given below are the top signs indicated by our psychiatrist that your job is affecting you mentally.

  • You are not able to feel positive at work

You feel joy and ease when you are not at work, but once you reach the office you feel like you are not there. Instead, you feel uneasy, or just emotional. No doubt, your colleagues might cheer you up but you are not able to smile with all your heart.

  • You waste all your weekend to recover from the workweek

It is a clear indication that your health is declining. This means on Tuesday you wait for the weekend and by the time it is Friday you are just so worn out, that you do not want to do anything. By the time you start recovering, it is already time to go back to the office.

  • Your Sunday goes away with stress

On weekends you can push work out of your mind. But when it is Sunday, you cannot accept the fact you need to go back to work again. You are not able to engage with people around you. With the thought that the next day is Monday, you waste the entire Sunday.

  • You have thoughts of retirements

It is not even time to retire, but you think you need to take a permanent break. You might think of ways on how you can earn more so that you do not have to work again.

  • You cannot sleep properly on workdays

Toxic work will affect your sleep completely. Some people think that Monday is actually Friday night because they are so exhausted and stressed.

If you are not able to focus on your work and don’t feel like doing a job, then talk to our doctor because he can help you to cope up with this situation.