Why is it essential to talk to kids about coronavirus

Why is it essential to talk to kids about coronavirus?

March 26, 2020


With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, all the news headlines and everyone is talking about it. At this time, kids are not aware of what is happening? Parents might think they should be protected from this anxiety. But, instead, it is essential to talk with them about coronavirus. Read the guide to learn more.

All over the globe, there is just one news i.e. the outbreak of coronavirus. But, in this tough time parents are wondering whether they should talk to their kids. They might prefer to protect from the anxiety going all over the world and do not share this information with them. Instead of that, you should talk to them and make them understand about the current scenario. Here are some tips shared by our psychiatrist on how you can talk with your kids.

  • Have a Straightforward talk them 

They might have heard it from friends or in the school from their teachers. If you are completely ignoring this subject or talking it about very silently thinking that they won’t fear it, then there are high chances it would increase their fear.

So, you should be straightforward with them about this. You can explain to them by giving an example like: It is a new type of coronavirus which is the common cold. The scientists are still finding how this virus is different from others.

  • Let them ask questions

Once you have explained them, give them time to ask questions so that they do not fear anything. Make them understand on a larger scale people are doing everything to keep them safe. Think carefully, before you share anything because there is little news that is completely false.

  • Make them aware of preventive measure

They are likely going to ask you whether they can catch it or not. You should tell them it is unlikely and you hope they do not. Make them understand the preventive measures they need to take like:

  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing.
  • Maintain a distance of 1 meter while talking to people.
  • Do not build fear in them

If they ask if you are scared, avoid confessing what your thoughts are about this situation. There is no need to acknowledge what you are feeling.

Additionally, do not give them any such warnings like, if they do not wash their hands properly, they will die. Such type of approach is neither going to work and it will affect their emotional state of mind. So, make sure you follow a friendly approach with them instead of planting fear in their minds.

So, make them understand there is no need to be afraid and everything is going to be okay. Stay safe and stay healthy!