Some Signs of Hidden Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Some Signs of Hidden Drug or Alcohol Abuse

May 18, 2020


Sometimes we do something and regret what others find out. The person who has been addicted to drug or alcohol abuse doesn’t want others to find out what they are doing. If you are worried about how to make sure your loved ones are not into such habits, then read the given topic to learn the hidden signs of alcohol or drug abuse.


We have done something which we don’t want anyone else to know about. Later, we follow tactics to avoid revealing what we have done. This goes specifically for the person who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol. They find themselves in situations where they need to hide the truth. This is true for social groups. Given below are some of the common hidden signs of addiction


  • Hiding the Drug or Alcohol Addiction


You need to look around the home. Check the bathroom, closet, under the kitchen skin, or the bed. Addicted people have a habit of finding hiding places and mostly they prefer to hide them in the house.

Research has shown that the person is protective of their room or a certain part of the house. This means they will always try to hide the drugs which means they are trying to hide their addiction.

If you notice something wrong or find the drug or alcohol hidden in their house then make sure to help them get the treatment at our de-addiction centre in Ludhiana. At our rehab centre, the doctor will provide the best treatment plan which helps you live a normal life.


  • Physical changes due to drug or alcohol abuse


When a person drinks or takes drugs, there can be noticeable physical changes. These visual warnings will become worse with time and they start getting addicted towards it more. Some of the changes include:

  • Blood Red eyes
  • Mostly the addict’s pupils are larger or smaller.
  • Deterioration of the entire physical appearance.
  • Impaired gait, or unusual smells.
  • Change in eating and sleeping habits. The person can either gain or lose a lot of weight.
  • Asking for more money

Well, this is pretty basic but most important. Buying drugs and alcohol means spending a lot of money. To fulfill their addiction, the person needs to borrow money from friends or loved ones. You need to be careful to whom you lend money. You might think you are helping them but it is affecting them. If you think there is something wrong, then make sure to ask what they need the money for.


  • Making excuses all the time


You will find the person addicted to alcohol or drug abuse making excuses all the time. It includes, ‘I am not bad’, ‘I am not hurting myself’, ‘I need to drink for my work’, ‘It is not my fault’, or ‘I am not a bad person.’