Essential Facts About Alcohol Abuse

Essential Facts About Alcohol Abuse

May 15, 2020


Whether you drink beer, liquor, or wine, what you don’t know is that alcohol can affect your health adversely. Reports have shown that people at a young age and adults prefer to drink alcohol on a daily basis. Read the given guide, to learn the essential facts about alcohol abuse.

Before, you plan to take your next drink, then read the given below essential facts about alcohol abuse:

  • Ethyl alcohol is highly intoxicated

Ethyl alcohol is also called ethanol, which is prepared from fermented yeast, starches, and sugar which is taken from different plants, vegetables, and fruits. In all the alcoholic beverages, the presence of ethyl alcohol is the same. If you drink in excess, it will affect your liver and this will affect the blood circulation to all the body parts.

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  • You drink more than expected

You might be drinking in excess then you realize. Alcoholic beverages contain around 14 grams of pure alcohol. But, the ones which are served at bars and restaurants do not provide the right value. So, if you have even a single mixed cocktail, it might be around 3 standard drinks. It would be ideal to limit alcohol consumption because it can affect your health.

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  • Drink in moderation

If you want to drink, then you need to drink it in moderation. Studies have shown that drinking in a small amount will reduce the emotional, behavioral, and psychological responses

  • Alcohol consumption changes brain function

The brain adapts itself to the change in the environment, so it is essential to do things that benefit your overall health. If you drink daily in excess, then your brain will get used to it and interpret its functioning. Once you drink alcohol, this can result in many health issues.

  • Women and men get affected differently

Men and women react to alcohol in different ways because of stomach enzymes and hormones. Women’s bodies take more time to absorb alcohol and they are at greater risk for long-term damage. Men are known to drink alcohol in excess and they are at high-risk of behaviors which can result in many problems.

  • Alcohol is the major reason for death

Alcohol consumption can affect a person’s health adversely. It contains many harmful chemicals that can prove fatal for your health. Studies have also shown that it is one of the leading causes of death all over the world.