Mental health deserves attention

Mental Health: Things I did not expect to come in my way when I became a parent

June 11, 2021


It’s my own experience I am going to share with everyone. My main focus is to enlighten everyone about mental health. In the same way, our body deserves attention, mental health needs utmost attention.

Unexpected state of my child’s health

When I found out, I was expecting it to be pure joy and the happiest day of my life. To become a parent for the first time, I envisioned myself what I will do and not do. We will live together as a family and make the best memories.

But, things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. The journey after pregnancy was extremely tough and I always felt that my energy was getting drained. Well, that’s not all, when my child was 4 years old, she came out naked when we were having a family party and asked one of the guests ‘Can we Play?’. Who knew that things were about to get even worse.

Consulting the mental health expert: Diagnosis of unwanted behavior issues

At the age of 7, my daughter started showing a significant change in behavior which was not normal at all. She always made excuses to not go to school and to do things that she had never done in the past. We could notice a disruptive change in her behavior and we were worried about what was wrong. One day we got a call from her school that they were not able to find her. As a mother, I tried everything to understand what was wrong with her situation but I was left with no answers at all.

We tried to talk to her teachers, the school counselor’s office, and after numerous embarrassing scenes, one of our family members suggested consulting a mental health expert or psychiatrist in ludhiana. Through consultation, I understood that it was not my fault as I was not aware of the signs of this condition.

What have I learned from this phase?

First of all, I learned that anxiety symptoms and behavior issues might look the same, and at times, it is difficult to separate them from one another. Some of the warning signs about mental health which is missed in my daughter are:

  • Change in behavior at her school and home.
  • Not able to sit at one place for few minutes
  • At such a small age, her anger issues or getting outburst at some situations.
  • Wanted to stay alone or stay completely silent & sad all the time.
  • Do not want to get off the bed anytime soon
  • Not able to sleep peacefully at night
  • Worrying about a certain situation
  • Talking about unusual things

While raising a child, I did not expect that this phase would come into my life. I dreamt of a perfect life for my child. Thankfully, all these things came out to be important learning lessons for me and my family members. All thanks to the mental health expert for navigating through my daughter’s condition and helping to manage her mental health with ease.