bipolar disorder patients

How are psychiatrists following a new treatment approach for bipolar disorder patients?

October 22, 2020


What is Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a term that describes the Manic Depression. It is the situation where the mood is between 2 poles which includes mania, and the other one is depression. Bipolar disorder is common in people like diabetes. However, this problem often remains undiagnosed due to which the person does not get the treatment on time.

Fortunately, getting the treatment from the psychiatrist in Ludhiana makes it easier to control the situation, and the person can continue with their work as they used to.

Types of Bipolar disorders

  • People with bipolar disorder 1 have experienced at least one severe episode where their mood is affected greatly. This situation can last for a week, and the person can even have depression symptoms.
  • People with bipolar disorder 2 will experience one major depression and some level of mania. But the person has less severe pain as compared to the first one and it is referred to as hypomania.

Patients with severe cases of bipolar can have symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. However, the mania and hypomania symptoms are not that obvious. The person who is depressed can have feelings of irritability, hostility, anxiety, and depression.

Diagnoses take time

Diagnosis is difficult because the condition is complex. Bipolar is not linked with personality. When the patient gets the early diagnosis and treatment, it helps to control the situation and it does not impact the person’s life greatly. The psychiatrist directs the treatment to control and prevent mania or controlling the depressive symptoms.

The bipolar patient’s life can be affected greatly and this is the reason the treatment focuses on addressing the symptoms on time and even giving importance to making their social life better.

Advanced Treatment for bipolar patients

The mainstay treatment for bipolar patients who focus on stabilizing the mood with therapy. This makes an effective choice for controlling mania and is used as maintenance therapy. But now the treatment has advanced in the past few decades. Many effective drugs are there to control mania. With the antipsychotic drugs, the patient can be benefited to a great extent and the best part is that it does not lead to any type of unwelcome side effects.

Now the doctors are focusing on the patients in a better way and looking to give them a better life to live. No doubt, the drugs help control the symptoms but the focus is given on how bipolar aspects the different aspects of life.

Getting bipolar illness to be addressed from every domain will make it easier for the patient to get the best treatment which increases the chances of recovery and they can live a normal life. So, what you will get that will keep you well.