Various Causes of Memory Loss

Various Causes of Memory Loss

April 8, 2020


Most of us often had an unpleasant experience or might forget something. These things can result in irritation and frustration. There are different causes of memory loss like Alzheimer’s and dementia. In this guide, we are going to discuss in detail the different causes of memory loss for your understanding.

Given below are the different causes of memory loss which are shared by our therapist:

Emotional causes

Our body and mind are connected, so our emotions and thoughts can impact our brain. The energy it needs to deal with certain situations can affect how our brain stores or remembers the small details. In most cases, it can trigger memory loss which can be improved by changing lifestyle, counseling, and just being aware of the things which trigger stress.


Prolonged stress can affect our minds. Whereas short-term stress can lead to memory issues which at times can increase the risk of dementia. In this case, consulting the doctor for the best depression therapy can help the patient to live a quality of life and help to focus on other things in a better way.


Depression can blunt the mind and can make it difficult to focus on other things in a better way. Your mind is not able to focus on the things which are happening around. Depression can also cause sleep and difficult to remember the information. In most cases, getting the treatment at an early stage can help the person to live a normal life again.


Grief is another issue that can affect our ability to focus on our surroundings. The grief occurs when something specific is encountered and it needs time to process what is happening around.

Drug and Medical Treatment

Illicit drugs

The consumption of illicit drugs can affect memory both in the long and short term. It includes alcohol, smoking, or any kind of substance that has harmful chemicals. You must get the timely treatment because the doctor can help you get through this easily.


The patients undergoing the chemo session can have a chemo brain which means brain fog due to the medications which are given to cure cancer. This is very common and often this results in temporary effects on the brain.

Medical procedure


Some people can have confusion or memory loss which can last for a few days. Well, the research is not clear why this happens. But it is seen that it can make the brain less effective.

Heart surgery

Some studies have shown that bypass surgery of heart can increase the risk of memory impairment and confusion. The condition can improve when you go through the recovery. Make sure you discuss the possible risk with the doctor.

For more information, you should contact our doctor and discuss what is the reliable treatment option.