What approach does an epilepsy doctor follow for diagnosing and seizures treatment?

December 25, 2020



Doctors are specialized in different areas. If someone has seizures then whom they need to consult. Which doctors have the expertise and skills to treat seizures. Whether you need to find the best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana or a seizures doctor you need to do research so that you come across someone who gives you the best treatment.


Where do seizures come from?

Before you decide which doctor you need to consult for treatment of seizures. It is essential that you understand how seizures are formed in the body. Seizures originate from the brain and it is linked to a neurological condition.


General Practitioners

A GP (General Practitioners) is a licensed medical expert who is not only having experience in one medicinal area. When you consult them they are going to check your overall health. If you consult the GP and you have a severe condition then you are referred to a specialist for advanced treatment.


Consulting the general practitioner test

Before you consult the expert, you need to see the GP. when you do that, your overall physical health is checked so that the possible medical issues are checked. If there is the possibility of seizures then you need to get further testing.


What is included in the testing?

When you talk to the GP you need to get an appropriate test depending on the examination results. The test will include the following:

●     MRI

●     EEG


Types of epilepsy doctors


Neurologists are doctors who are specialized in treating nervous system disorders which include the central nervous system and it includes the brain. They are one of the types of epilepsy doctors. They are going to diagnose your condition and help to manage it.



Epileptologists have done specialized training to give epilepsy treatment. If your condition is severe then you need to get treatment. If the medications and complications are severe then they will give you the treatment accordingly.


What do you need to do further?

When you consult the specialist he is going to dip deeper to understand better about your condition. It is possible that they do video monitoring to check the results of the previous diagnosis. It is possible that they recommend your alternative treatment or suggest some dietary changes so that your condition is improved.

Initially, the doctor is going, to begin with, the least invasive treatment and then he will take you through the steps to ensure that you get the best treatment depending on your condition.


Seizures treatment

●     Medications

In most cases, the patient’s condition is managed with the medications and sometimes different medications might be needed.

●     Surgery

To alleviate the cause of seizure the doctor might suggest the option of surgery.

In case you are diagnosed with non-epileptic seizures then you need to consult the psychiatrist so that the root cause of the seizures is checked.