What to expect when you plan to consult the psychiatrist for depression?

December 31, 2020



Research has shown that adults and children experience depression. Depression is the most common chronic health issue. While depression is common, you must get medical help on time. If you are not sure where to begin, then you should consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

See Your Primary Care Doctor

If you suspect that you have depression, then first of all you need to consult the family doctor or primary care physician. They will do a thorough checkup which helps to understand your condition in a better manner. In most cases, the doctor will do screen testing. You should tell the doctor what issues you have and what changes your mood. Your doctor is there to help so make sure you do not hesitate to talk about anything.


What questions the psychiatrist can ask?

  • How much is your energy level?
  • How long you have been feeling low or down
  • How much do you eat? Have you suddenly lost or gained weight?
  • Are you facing problems concentrating or making decisions?
  • Are you sleeping more than usual or do you face difficulty sleeping?

Depending on your answers, the doctor is going to pinpoint the condition or whether you have a major depressive disorder. Before the diagnosis is done, the doctor needs to understand the health issue. If the problem is severe then they may mimic the depression symptoms. This condition is true for older adults. It includes the following:

  • Low blood sugar
  • Liver or kidney issue
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Anemia

Depression cannot be diagnosed with a blood test. In very few cases, the doctor can suggest you get an imaging test (brain MRI). With this option, it is understood better what are the structural brain issues like stroke.

Certain medications can also result in depression symptoms. Make sure that you inform the doctor about all medications you are taking. If you are open with your doctor then only your condition can improve and a strategic treatment plan is made. You need to be patient when the doctor is going through the symptoms.


Consult the mental health professional

If the doctor diagnoses you with depression, then you need to consult a mental health expert (Psychiatrist). The psychiatrist will check your mood and talk to you about the medications you are taking. In most cases, therapy and medications are the best options. Sometimes, psychotherapy can prove beneficial.



Depression treatment is not as simple as getting treatment for antidepressants. WIth every case, the reason for depression is different, and therefore it is important to understand it.