What are the different types of mental health providers in Punjab?

December 22, 2020


Types Of Mental Health Providers

The therapist is used for professionals who help people to train people to overcome emotional and psychological issues. Irrespective of their qualification or title, the mental health experts are aware of some type of psychotherapy. No matter what type of therapist you choose, make sure that you choose someone with whom you feel the most comfortable.


Psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners are trained to diagnose and give you proper management on the medications regarding psychiatric illnesses and mental health issues. Along with medication management, the psychiatrist is trained in psychotherapy or they give you talk therapy. If you are looking for a reputable psychiatrist in Ludhiana then make sure to look for someone with years of experience.

MD Medical Doctor (Psychiatrist)

An MD is a medical doctor who has graduated from medical school. It is the field within medicine that is given to understand mental health issues and give you medications. They are trained to give you talk therapy or psychotherapy. In some cases, they only do practice to give the patients medications and psychotherapy.

Doctor of Osteopathy (Psychiatrist)

The DO can give you treatment regarding medical problems. They have even got special training to understand the musculoskeletal system and follow the holistic approach for prescribing medications.


Psychologists are doctorate-level therapists who have done their PsyD or Ph.D. They have done the training to give you talk therapy or psychotherapy.

Doctor of Philosophy

Psychologists who have completed Ph.D. for 4 years have done work in clinical psychology, psychology, or in the related fields. The psychologists who have done this type of training have done years of extensive research to give the patients the best care.

Social Workers

The social worker is a broad category of professionals who have done their training to increase social welfare and social justice. Social workers who provide therapy give them specific courses regarding mental health and they have even done additional training. Moreover, they have got an understanding of talk therapy or psychotherapy so that they can get clinical licensure.

To master themselves even more they have completed additional training in the proper environment like a treatment center, clinical settings, or group setting.

Mental Health Counselors

Mental health counselors are the broad term of mental health providers with whom you can get talk therapy or psychotherapy. Many of them need to take advanced training, license, and do work under supervision so that they can do psychotherapy in a private practice setting.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

LMHCs have a master’s degree, and they have also done the licensing exam so that the people can get the best mental health treatment.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

LMFTs have completed the master’s degree to resolve the family and marriage issue by the therapy session. They have got the licensing to give the therapy in a given state.