What are the topmost things men should know about masturbation

What are the topmost things men should know about masturbation?

October 7, 2020


Many people feel shy speaking about masturbation and some don’t hesitate while speaking about masturbation. Does a child start masturbating from the age of 14 shocked? Don’t be because many people have accepted that and here we are not talking about men only women do this. People are having many questions about masturbation right. In this blog, we are going to give you answers to your few questions which you might feel embarrassed asking from a sexologist in Ludhiana.


What will happen after masturbation?


You release sexual tension when a person masturbates and it is known as ejaculation. It is the release of fluid and sperm which is known as semen. But remember while masturbating you may not ejaculate every time.


Does masturbation hurt?

Masturbation is not going to harm your body. Though some men have heard some rumours that are mentioned below:


  • The person will go blind.
  • The person might start having mental problems.
  • It will stop your growth.
  • You will grow hairs on your palms.
  • The person will not be able to have normal sex with their partners.
  • The person might be running short of sperm when planning to have a baby.


Not even single rumours are true. The only thing that happens is the person might get irritation on the penis which they can remove by applying cream on it.


Is masturbation bad ?


How will it be bad ? It is a normal part of sexuality and the person should not feel ashamed or guilty after doing. Remember overthinking about it will be unhealthy for the person. It depends on the person whether he wants to do it or not.


Can a person have an STD problem after masturbating?


Remember you won’t be able to have STD i.e. sexually transmitted diseases while masturbating. Also, you will not lose virginity if you are doing so.


Masturbating in excess will harm or not?


How many times you want to do masturbation is totally up to you. But remember if masturbation takes over your life then you might face a problem. Are you feeling to do all the time or you choose staying at home and masturbating rather than hanging out with friends then you might need expert advice. You should consult the sexologist and make an appointment.


Having more questions regarding masturbation?

If you are having more questions rather than discussing in the article then you should consult the best doctor which will not only help you in getting all the answers but also tell you about the solution to your problem.


Masturbating count as cheating on a partner?

No, it is not counted as cheating on the partner. If you are masturbating then you should not feel bad or think about it.