World Mental Health Day

Everything you should know about World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2020

October 10, 2020


World Mental Health Day is on October 10 and this makes our understanding grow for mental health. Mental health has come a long way because of the advancement in medical science and treatment. With the help of consulting an experienced psychiatrist in Ludhiana, the person can understand better what can suit their condition.


What do you need to know about world mental health day?

In 1992, the World Mental Health Day was created. At times there was not a precise objective to create that day but it was to address mental health as a whole. This day is made so that the plethora of bad and unwanted habits can be addressed which makes the situation worse for people.

The world was facing many mental health issues and it was important to treat them properly. There was a struggle to get the funding for treatment and there was ignorance for mental health. The changes need to be made so that the individual mental health is focused in a better way by the mental health experts.


For the first 30 years of Mental health awareness

In the first 30 years, for around 2 hours there was a telecast broadcast across the globe. This was done to send a useful message to the entire world that giving importance to mental health is great for a better quality of life.

The theme for the first mental health day was ‘Improving the quality of mental health services in the entire world.’ Additionally, many events were held to make everyone aware of the fact mental health issues are common, and they need to be addressed on time.

During this time, many countries joined the initiative to address the mental health issue. The world mental health day has made people aware of the fact mental issues are common, and it should be acknowledged right away.

If you see someone struggling with mental health issues then make sure to help them because mental health is not a joke at any cost.


World Mental Health Day FAQs

How can I make someone comfortable with mental illness?

No doubt, many people want to help but they don’t know the right way to do so. It’s best to make it casual and take them out for lunch to have a better time. Just simply tell them you are here for them.


What is the reason for mental illness?

Different factors can lead to mental health issues which can be linked to biology and external factors like early loss of a parent, psychological trauma, and many other things.


How do I know if I have mental health issues?

It is important to get in touch with mental health professionals. If you have a serious issue then make sure to visit right away. You need to look for changes in appetite, sleep, dramatic mood, or rapid changes, drop in functioning, problem thinking, and withdrawal issues.