What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems

What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems?

October 29, 2020


What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the condition that creates thoughts in the mind of the person and triggers the feeling of nervousness and tension. No doubt, some level of anxiety is normal for everyone which keeps you on your toes and helps to deal with difficult situations. If this issue becomes excessive then it can lead to various health problems and can even result in physical & emotional damage. It is important to consult the psychiatrist in Ludhiana on time so that you get to know what treatment approach works the best for you.

You must be aware of the emotions and make sure to address them on time and in a healthy manner. This goes for the people who are experiencing great levels of anxiety. Many things can be done to help the family or friend who is struggling with anxiety issues.

  • Awareness is important

First of all, to help someone with anxiety you need to know about the symptoms. They can check the signs which they might see in their loved ones. Make sure to educate yourself so that you are empathetic towards them instead of judging them. By doing so, you are helping them in a great manner. Make sure you know what you need to say or avoid in a certain situation so that your loved ones do not feel judged in any manner.

  • Given them utmost support

Keep in mind, every person has their way to see the situation. Every person’s anxiety hit them differently. If you are asking your loved ones to ignore the worries which are not important to make them feel misunderstood and alienated. It is essential that you do not dismiss them and acknowledge their thoughts. By doing so, you are giving them support and it will reduce the anxiety level.

  • Listen

If someone is feeling anxious then they might not like hearing things from others. You should listen to them and understand how they feel. Pay attention to what they say. Before giving any suggestions, make sure you ask them. If they say no, then do not give advice and simply listen to them.

  • Be sensitive

If you know that certain situations can lead to distress then make sure to provide them a shield so that they do not feel tense. You need to be with them till the time they are better prepared. This does not mean that you should encourage them about the worries. You need to talk with them so that they feel calm in every situation,

  • Plan for activities

You should plan for the activities like making your loved ones go for yoga, physical exercise, listening to music, and enjoyable activities which can enhance the feeling of happiness and release good chemicals in the brain. You need to be encouraged so that they do activities.

  • Encourage them to get support

Getting help for mental health is important. If you notice that your loved one is having issues then encourage them to get support so that they do not worry all day long. Make them understand help is available which is for their betterment.