What do you should know about Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and treatment?

What do you should know about Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and treatment?

April 5, 2021



The doctor will look for developmental delays from time to time. If the child shows the symptoms for this issue then they need to get an evaluation from the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

This condition has different symptoms and can be severe which makes it difficult to diagnose. There is not just one test to check the problem. The doctor will check your condition through different tests like:

  • The doctor observes the child and checks how they interact, behave, and communicate with time.
  • The doctor will perform the tests for speech, language, hearing, developmental level, and behavioral issues.
  • Present communication and social interaction help to check the child’s performance.
  • Perform different tests for diagnosis
  • The doctor performs genetic testing to check if the child has a genetic issue like fragile X Syndrome or Rett syndrome.


Well, there is a cure for this disorder, and not every patient gets the same treatment approach. The treatment approach reduces the extent of symptoms and helps in the development. The problem can seem overwhelming in the first place and your child’s needs might change. Some of the possible treatment options are:

  • Educational therapy

Educational programs can be highly beneficial. Under this program, some specialists perform different activities which improve behaviors and social skills.

  • Behavior and communication therapy

Programs are made to address behavioral, social, and language issues. The behavioral and technical issues are reduced. The program also helps the students to communicate with others and how to act in social gatherings.

  • Family therapy

The family members can learn how to interact with their children so that their behavioral issues can be addressed.

  • Other therapy

As per your child’s need, the doctor can suggest the possible options and this includes:

Speech therapy Improves communication skills
Occupational therapy Teach activities of daily living
Physical therapy Improve balance and movement

Are medications beneficial?

Although medications are not helpful to address the symptoms. It is better that you talk to the healthcare provider to understand better what is best for your child’s health.

How to manage other mental health issues?

Children with autism spectrum disorder may have other mental health issues like stomach problems, sleep issues, epilepsy, stomach issues, or other problems, in that case, ask the mental health expert to effectively manage them. Even in case of depression and anxiety the doctor can help.

Coping and support

  • Find a team of trusted professionals to get the right help
  • Keep proper record of the meetings
  • Get a proper understanding of the disorder
  • Get in touch with other families of a child with autism spectrum disorder
  • Take out time for yourself and relax yourself
  • Ask the doctor about new techniques and therapies

What questions can the doctor ask?

  • What is the reason for your visit?
  • When was the first time you noticed the signs?
  • Are you noticing the symptoms occasionally or continuously?
  • Is there anything that reduces the symptoms?
  • Is there anything that increases the symptoms?
  • What are your child’s favorite activities?

If you have any other concern or doubt, which comes to your mind, then schedule the appointment with the health expert right away.