Is it true masturbation causes anxiety? When do you need to seek help?

Is it true masturbation causes anxiety? When do you need to seek help?

April 2, 2021



Masturbation is categorized as sexual activity. This activity is termed as natural and the approach to understanding the body and what pleases you the most. In some cases, individuals deal with mental health issues like guilt, anxiety, or mood problems. It is important to talk to the best sexologist in Ludhiana to understand better how the problem can be prevented or how to get relief.

Why masturbation result in anxiety?

For some people, the sexual urge can result in anxious feelings. On the account of sexual activity, there might come a feeling of concern. You might not know, but studies have shown younger men masturbate with the highest frequency. Also, their level of anxiety is the highest at the same time. Anxiety due to masturbation can result in guilt. In some cases, such feelings can be linked to sexual stimulation. It is possible masturbation triggers your anxiety but intercourse does not.

How masturbation is beneficial?

On the other side, masturbation can put individuals at ease, and tension is reduced. Some of the helpful benefits are mentioned below:

  • Source of relaxation
  • Reduce stress
  • Improves your mood
  • Gives you greater pleasure
  • Better sex
  • Release sexual tension
  • Relieve cramps

What are the side effects of masturbation?

It is important to understand it does not result in physical side-effects or won’t harm the body. Apart from that, the most common side effects are:

  • Addiction

Studies have shown that people who do it often cannot control themselves. Masturbation may affect mood and sexual functioning.

  • Guilt

Religious, personal, or guilt will impact the way you masturbate. In such cases, the person will have feelings of guilt.

When do you need to seek help?

If the activity comes with anxiety or guilt, then talk to the professionals. Consulting the medical expert will help you discuss the right solution and tells you which approach you need to follow. Here are some of the things which can help you in this situation are:

  • Seek Validation

The doctor or therapist will tell you whether the nature of masturbation is typical, healthy, and natural.

  • Relax

Anxiety with masturbation is not right. The sexologist will help you understand how it is enjoyable or how to consider it a healthy activity.

  • Face the fears

You should ask yourself where does the anxiety come from. The problem can be due to religious factors. The doctor will help to understand the reason, check it, and the problem will eliminate it.

  • Build greater understanding

It is important to know about masturbation and how to deal with it. Through this anxiety is addressed and other mental health issues which can occur are resolved.

Wrap up!

Masturbation is a normal activity. Through this, you will be able to explore the pressure, body, and sexual tension is reduced. It is important to seek medical assistance from the experts and talk to them about the way you feel. Working together will help to deal with the thoughts. For healthy masturbation, experience consult the doctor.